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Countdown to Mother's Day - Week 3

In the grand scheme of things, Mother's Day is a relatively new holiday in the United States and many other countries, although celebrations to honor motherhood have occurred throughout the world for thousands of years.  The Greeks honored Cybele, who was originally an even older Anatolian mother goddess, starting somewhere in the 6th century BCE.  The Romans stole the worship of Cybele to hold their own festival of Hilaria Matris Deum.  It was held the day after the vernal equinox, when days are finally longer than nights, to much rejoicing and competitive games to honor "the mother of the gods".   In the lands of the Celts, the godde... » Read More

Fabulous Friday Finds on ArtFire: Wanelo Savers Group

I am a day late posting my Fabulous Friday Finds on ArtFire.  Yesterday was an absolute blur . . . although most have been like that lately.  I'm sure you probably know the feeling!  Better a day late with this post than not at all.  This week I decided to focus on a group that I am a part of, the Wanelo Savers group.  You can find this group in the ArtFire forums in the promotion section.  The idea of the group is simple:  each person promotes the items shared by other members of the group.  In return, each member of the group then promotes your item.  It started out strictly as a Wanelo group but quickly morphed into s... » Read More

Countdown to Mother's Day - Week 2

Another week has gone by and we are closer to Mother's Day.  I sure am seeing many, many Mother's Day collection being curated on ArtFire.  That's where the Countdown to Mother's Day 2014 collection on Julie and Blu's blog, The Blu Print, comes in so handy:  shopping for Mom without leaving home.  So many wonderful handmade and vintage items for so many wonderful Moms can be found on the Countdown, 76 items to be exact.  Even though I lost my Mom 15 years ago, I find I am still drawn to things she would have liked and treasured.  "Mom would have liked that" is something that often pops into my brain.  I see a lot of those on t... » Read More

Fabulous Friday Finds on ArtFire: Melange

The last several Fabulous Friday Finds on ArtFire have been themed ones.  This time I decided my theme was "Melange":  a little of this and a pinch of that and a dusting here and there.  Doing a themed Fab Friday Finds is hard enough, but a melange is even harder - there are just way too many exquisite handmade items things to pick from . . .  Wish I could include them allBut I persevered!  Here are my twelve (plus one of my own) for this edition of Fabulous Friday Finds:Exquisite vintage Nefertiti cabochon and brass sphinxes that have been bead embroidered and adorned with carnelian and vintage brass chain.  Handmade by Diana of... » Read More

Countdown to Mother's Day - Week 1

For the twelve weeks before Christmas in 2012 and 2013, Julie and Blu hosted a "Countdown to Christmas" on their blog.  Since the two Christmas Countdowns and last year's Mother's Day Countdown were a resounding success, Julie and Blu of BlueMorningExpressions (being the gluttons for punishment that they are!) are hosting a nine week "Countdown to Mother's Day 2014".  Mother's Day is just around the corner and will be here before we know it!  Now is a good time to start thinking/buying your Mum's gift(s).  This week there were 64 shares of handmade and vintage items.If you have a studio/shop on ArtFire, Zibbet, SupaDupa, Etsy, st... » Read More

Fabulous Friday Finds on ArtFire: Spring's A-Coming!

Fortunately, because of where I live in the Desert Southwest, we have not experienced the intense cold that has plagued a good part of the Northern Hemisphere this winter.  Trees are blooming away, trying to make a good reproductive show before the heat sets in.  The bonus thing is this:  many desert plants will bloom twice if the summer Monsoon Season, which normally starts in July, brings much needed rains.  I always look forward to that.It is with thoughts of my northern Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers guild artist friends that I decided to curate a collection called "Spring's A-Coming!"  I wasn't really sure if the collection ... » Read More

Fabulous Friday Finds - Round and Round We Go!

I'm sorry there has been no Fabulous Friday Finds for the last two weeks.  I had back-to-back weekend shows, one a 2-day show in Las Cruces and the other a 3-day show in Sunland Park.  Am happy to report that both shows went very well.  Yay!  Because of that, I decided to post this one a day early (:Today's Fabulous Friday Finds is based on a circle collection I recently curated, called "Round and Round We Go!"  I have always been intrigued with ancient symbols and circles are definitely one of the most ancient.  The word "circle" is derived from the Greek word, "kirkos".  "Ker-", the base world, means to bend or turn.  The... » Read More

Fabulous Friday Finds on ArtFire #20

Another Fabulous Friday Finds on ArtFire has been compiled . . . and let me tell you, it was hard to narrow down the 12 items featured for this week.  My latest Friday Finds have been based on specific themes.  This time I decided to revert back to a mixture of many different items from a wide variety of art forms.  The only theme is that they caught my eye and I added them to the folder!  Each piece, whether it's a piece of jewelry, apron, wooden blocks or crocheted dishcloths, was created with the heart and soul of the artist.  And in the case of the vintage postcard and eggplant seeds, collected with a passion to preserve and sha... » Read More

Ancient Symbols of the Past that are the Present

I have always been in awe of ancient symbols and feel a direct tug of the soul to them, perhaps an ancestral memory.  Whether transfixed with Celtic carvings on standing stones in Great Britain or feeling the hair on the back of my neck rise when trying to understand (and failing miserably) the storyline of Caterpillar Dreaming at Anthwerrke in the Australian Outback; standing in awe at the stylized Incan carving of a condor at Machu Picchu or puzzling over petroglyphs and petrographs at Hueco Tanks closer to home, I feel a strong primal call.  If only I could speak their language - what a story they would tell!  But what I feel is often ... » Read More

Sunny Yellows!

Yellow is such a cheerful color, especially if you happen to be up to your elbows in snow and ice and gray days.  With all the weird winter weather world wide, I decided to curate a sunny yellow collection, called, appropriately enough "Sunny Yellows!"  All of the handmade jewelry in this collection/blog post was found in the ArtFire studios of members of the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers (JCUiN) guild.  After seeing all of these sunny yellows, I hope you come away from this post feeling a little less glum.Yellow and green fused glass frog pendant handmade by Roxanne of ShanghaiTaiLemon yellow semi-porcelain clay imprinted buttons han... » Read More

Fabulous Friday Bracelet Finds on ArtFire

As I was browsing through studios and in the ArtFire forums finding creations for my next Fabulous Friday Finds, I noticed in my folder of finds I had saved many bracelets of all different materials and designs.  "Why not do a post on bracelets?" I asked myself.  So here it is!  But, before sharing the gorgeous picks, I decided to do a bit of research on the history of bracelets.  In a nutshell, here is what I found:Other than earrings, bracelets are the most popular form of jewelry and have been for tens of thousands of years.  The world's oldest bracelet, made from chloritolite, dates from 45,000 years ago and was found in the Den... » Read More

Fabulous Custom Jewelry Bags!

Two weeks ago, I happened to stumble upon a new listing from Jacki of ChristieCottage right here on ArtFire.  The listing was for handmade custom jewelry bags made from recycled paper that was saved from the shredder.  I LOVE the idea of recycling something like paper into such a useful design as the custom bags!A close up of the custom bag showing my Mesa avatar, ArtFire studio address, email address and other information.  I saw . . . I ordered.  The bags must have gotten here on a rocket ship because, before I knew it, I was opening the package to find the fabulous bags, fifty bags at 4.75" x 6", perfect for earrings.  Jacki also... » Read More

Fabulous Friday Finds on ArtFire - Keeping Warm!

Last week's Fabulous Friday Finds on ArtFire didn't happen.  I had a lot to do in preparation before catching a plane to Miami for a mini-vacation.  And what a good time my DH and I had in Miami - so much to see (people watching a must!) and do!  To check out Vizcaya, the most amazing place we visited, here's a link to my blog post:  Vizcaya - Splendor on Biscayne Bay.This weeks's Fabulous Finds focuses on "keeping warm".  With all the wild winter weather that seems to be happening worldwide, it seems the perfect topic for this week.  I decided to focus on hand knitted and hand crocheted items, trying to pick a wide variety of Â... » Read More

Vizcaya - Splendor on Biscayne Bay

This past weekend, I flew to Miami to meet my husband who was there for a conference.  Fortunately the conference ended on Friday, which is the day I arrived.  We had a great time re-aquainting ourselves with Miami, exploring new places and just sitting and people watching.  If you have been to Miami, you know that it is almost like another world!Entrance to the estate of James Deering, called Vizcaya.One of the places we explored was near Coconut Grove on Biscayne Bay, an amazing "house" called Vizcaya.  Vizcaya was built between 1914 and 1922 as the winter home of International Harvester Vice-president James Deering.  Deering hire... » Read More

Fabulous Friday Finds in Copper

Last week's Fabulous Friday Finds on ArtFire was a day early - this edition of Fabulous Friday Finds is a day late.  All sorts of unexpected things happened yesterday that blew away the time.  Nothing bad, mind you, and mostly quite a bit of fun!  So, while I was having fun, this blog post sat in limbo.Lately, I have become more and more enamored with using copper in designs.  Although my true love is still sterling silver, copper adds such warmth and a depth of color to some designs and actually looks better with various stones than sterling silver does.  Copper is gorgeous, whether used as the main component of a design, such as i... » Read More

Fabulous Friday Boxing Day Finds on ArtFire!

I know, this blog post is a day early, but I really wanted to get it posted on Boxing Day.  The idea for this post was actually inspired by the link for those of us who participate in the promotional AFPounce by "pouncing" (tweeting) items on ArtFire.  Today's theme was "boxing", which I ended up morphing into pouncing a wide variety of wooden boxes.  The perfect Boxing Day pounce . . . and theme for this post!  I want to share with you a bit about Boxing Day and also a wide range of amazing handmade wooden boxes that can be found on ArtFire.   Hand carved maple brain teaser puzzle jewelry box handmade by kalotartBut what i... » Read More
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