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Handmade for the Holidays - Buy American

As the holidays are fast approaching, I thought this would be a good topic for us today. Buying handmade items for the holidays has many advantages over buying commercial items from stores. You will find gorgeous, one of a kind items here on ArtFire, and you can be sure that your gift will never be a duplicate of something that your recipient already has, or got from someone else. Many artisans in the handmade movement create their items painstakingly one at a time, or in small batches, and by buying here, you will buy directly from the artist, cutting out the middleman. This translates into better items, better prices and quicker delivery for you... » Read More

Luscious Handmade Soap

I love handmade soap!! Using hand made soap has been so much better for my skin, because it cleans throughly, but does not strip the skin of its precious oils. I love the dazzling variety of scents that I can use for hand made soap! Plus the soap can be customized with crushed herbs and botanicals, luxurious butters like cocoa butter or shea butter, natural clays and so much more.  I make soap using a variety of methods. I will write about some of these in the future, but let me just say for now, that each method has its own advantages, and that I love each one! The end result of each of these methods is the same .... a luscious cake of skin-fr... » Read More

Customizing your ArtFire Studio with Customer Feedback

One question many people ask me is how I've customized my ArtFire studio, to blend in my sections with my (often-changing) overall color scheme, and to display my customer testimonials. If you are like me, and are coming to ArtFire after having a successful presence on Etsy or another site, you might want to proudly display your customer testimonials in your new studio on ArtFire. Luckily for us, ArtFire gives us full control over our studio pages, and with some basic HTML you can make an amazing number of customizations. Being a bit of a geek (ok fine, a total geek) I really love this. I'll write later about the sections, but here's how you c... » Read More

Pricing Handmade Items

Pricing Handmade items is one of those things that most sellers dread! Many of us are tempted to take the cost of supplies and price for our handmade items so that we recoup the cost of those supplies. In that process of course, we underprice, and end up loosing money without even knowing it!! After a lot of trial and error, I came up with some formulas and shortcuts that work for me. So to start with, let's take supplies. We all know what supplies we actually use in our craft. For example, for my jewelry, I know I use wire, swarovski crystals, gemstones, pearls etc. Digging a bit deeper, I think of the findings... » Read More

Speciality Body Scrubs and Custom Scrubs

One of the unique products I carry in my shop is rich body scrub slurry, in a variety of all natural formulations. These are available in individual sizes, as a 3-pack, and also in a super-size option. All scrubs are made fresh to order, so you know that you are always getting the best possible product. After playing around a bit, I came up with the following speciality scrubs. Each of these scrubs is carefully blended with raw sugar crystals of brown sugar to follow a specific theme, with complementary ingredients and provide specific skin-care benefits. (Claiming medical benefits is against the law so I... » Read More

ArtFire or Etsy?

ArtFire  or Etsy?  At some point, many of us look at various venues to ensure that we find the perfect home for all our creations. Take a peek at my blog to see my experiences with Etsy and ArtFire, and stay tuned for posts on Zibbet, Dawanda etc., and for my pricing strategies.... » Read More

Welcome to my blog!

Thank you for stopping by my Artfire Studio Blog!!... » Read More