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Shop Local

 Hello friends,Shop small, shop local.  Thanks to all of my loyal customers, I owe my success to you - know that your support of handmade is truly appreciated!                    Love you!Bonnie... » Read More

Critique for ArtFire Studios

Hello friends,If you would like a review of your studio, please feel free to ask in the studio critique section of the ArtFire forum.  Lots of fellow sellers are willing to help. I know that some sellers aren't comfortable asking for an assessment in a public setting.  Since I seem to repeat a lot of suggestions for most critiques, I would like to offer some general advice for all studios.Sellers can read through these ideas and apply them to your shop for a generic shop critique that you can follow on your own. When you ask for a review,  here are the six things I look at when I visit your studio and my suggestions for improvement: 1. Â... » Read More

Luxurious Powder Puffs

Hello friends,The pinnacle of femininity, a classic opulent powder puff is a wonderful amenity for your vanity table.  My handmade dusting powder puffs are inspired by the glory days of Hollywood when glamorous starlets reveled in a beauty routine that pampered the soul as well as the body.Soapsmith's Powder PuffsI offer luxury dusting powder puffs in a variety of styles and materials.  These exquisite puffs are constructed from pure natural Merino wool.  The applicators are heirloom quality and will last for years. When needed, these puffs can be gently hand laundered in cold water with a product like Woolite, allowed to air dry... » Read More

Sun Pickles

Hello Friends, The vegetable garden is in full production mode. Look at what I harvested this morning! Today I would like to share with you a simple recipe for delicious, crispy, dill pickles made with solar power.  This is a great fun project to do with the children. The containers are filled with an abundance of pickling cukes and fragrant dill from my herb garden.  The pungent aroma of the dill fills the air in the afternoon sun.   Soapsmith's Sun Pickles   Makes 1 gallon. You can use pints, quarts etc.   Wash jars well with hot soapy water, rinse with hot wat... » Read More


Hello Friends, The hydrangeas in my garden are in full bloom.  This year they are flourishing from all the rain blessing them from nature.  This spectacular blue was started 10 years ago from an Easter potted flower gift from my sons.  This variety, Endless Summer, was a Mother's Day gift and graces the bed near the front deck, it blooms all season with assorted colors.  It has only been established for three summers so it is still a youngster but it blooms wonderfully.   The flower heads are smaller than my traditional plants, still showy.  This plant tends to have a variety of colors all at the same time - whit... » Read More

Happy Independence Day!

Hello Friends, Happy Fourth of July to all!  I wish all of you a joyous celebration of our freedom.  As you gather this weekend, take time to honor those who serve to safeguard our liberty and ideals, they deserve great respect. Once again as tradition warrants, my family and friends will gather at my home to break bread surrounded by my gardens that are in full splendor and glory of the summer. On the menu: Grilled lemon herbed swai Barbeque baby back ribs Burgers and hot dogs Grilled rosemary fingerling yukon gold potato kabobs Grilled corn on the cob Garl... » Read More

Spring sunrise at the farm

This morning's sunrise, White Bridge Farm, the barns warming to a glorious spring morning!... » Read More

It is on the way!

Hello Friends,For the first time, after 34 years in business, I have shipped an order of soap so large it had to be picked up at commercial loading dock, palletized, loaded with a fork lift and travel by tractor trailer!400 pounds of soap, each bar handmade one at a time by me.  Thanks to my son Rob who helped me with the heavy lifting and used his Marine Corp warehouse management experience to take care of the professional pallet packing.  Also, thanks to Carol who helped with the final packaging of the soaps into individual boxes.  This was quite an undertaking but it was successfully shipped three weeks before deadline. Thanks to Fiore... » Read More

The language of flowers

 Hello Friends,Then gather a wreath from the garden bowers and tell the wish of thy heart in flowers - Percival   Floriography is the language of flowers., In Victorian times floriography  was used as a tool for communication.  Floral arrangements of meaningful flowers were used to send coded messages, allowing people to express feelings which dare not be voiced aloud. Tussie-mussies were charming little bouquets that were a popular use of Floriography.  Every gift of flowers sends good will to the recipient, while each flower in the bouquet carries its own message.    The nuances of the language of flowers h... » Read More

Magazine Feature Article

Hello friends,     I want to share my latest magazine feature with you.  This is a small national publication for members of wholesale buyer group.  It covers cottage industry arts and crafts of the Appalachian and Allegheny Mountains. The articles are presented as a profile portfolio for each artisan. I am truly honored to be included.    The woman that spearheads this venture visited me last summer before we lost our beloved Cocoa so it was nice to see him included in the article.  True to form, everyone who ever met Cocoa was enamored with his gentle, loving demeanor.      Meghan Carroll  spends her sum... » Read More

Palm Weaving

Hello friends, The Crown of Thorns Palm WeavingA wonderful tradition passed through the generations is the weaving and braiding of the palm into sacred reminders for the Easter season. The blessed palm branches are bestowed upon us at Passion Sunday Mass.  The triumphant entrance into Jerusalem is recalled in solemn procession and heralds the beginning of the ancient rituals of Holy Week of the catholic church that culminate in the glorious celebration of the Our Lord's Resurrection on Easter Sunday.Each Palm Sunday I weave the palm into decorative auras, crosses, roses and crowns for our liturgical celebrations at ch... » Read More

Blessing of the Christmas Crib

Hello Friends,Sending wishes to all of my family and friends for at least a moment of solitude and serenity to contemplate the solemn mystery of this great feast - the coming of the Prince of Peace. Blessing of the Christmas Crib Lord, as we place this straw in our manger and await the feast of the Birth of the Holy Child, may we wonder and rejoice in this most ancient celebration.   With straw as his blanket, he came to us and in his humanity, experienced the chill of the Bethlehem night, the roughness of the manger straw and the gentle touch of Mary.  Lord, look upon this manger scene; may its simpli... » Read More

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hello friends,Festively wrapped and ready  for the celebration with family and friends.  Even the smallest token gift deserves a jubilant decoration.Flocked and foils, sterling spiral adornments, sparkling snowflakes...Velvet and Lamme florals to coordinate with elegantly printed papers, opulent cascading curls... Multiple layers of natural burlap, glitter netting, cellophane, tied with hemp cording, wood burned acorn and coordinating gift tags,bundled into a hobo pack enhances my eco friendly gifts...This  is a versatile idea for odd shaped gifts.  Just cut a bunch of squares of fabric, tissue, cello, bridal netting et... » Read More

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Hello friends,Homemade vanilla extract with its smooth, rich flavor profile is a wonderful addition to your spice cabinet and an appreciated gift for your favorite baker or gourmet. The process is simple with great results.  As with any cooking project, always choose quality ingredients.  A finished product is only as good as its components - inferior ingredients will yield a lesser quality extract.  I am using Indian Vanilla Beans from my friend, Gabi.  She lives in India and is able to source only the finest spices and botanical finds.You want beans that are fresh, plump and fragrant with abundant, glossy seed interiors.    ... » Read More

Shenandoah Trip

Hello friends,I took a short trip to see my son's new home in Virginia.  I missed the peak autumn colors except for the highest elevations, but the mountains are always magnificent.  These photos speak for themselves.  Shenandoah National Park, skyline drive, natural bridge, some from Pennsylvania I 70 and Tom's gorgeous property which backs up along the Appalachian Trail. Thanks for visiting, enjoy autumn!Bonnie... » Read More

Soapsmith's Shower Gels

Hello friends,For those who prefer a liquid gel shower soap, I now offer a line of body washes.  I have chosen my top selling customer favorites for the fragrances.  If you would like another scent, let me know.  I am happy to create custom orders, at no extra charge,  in the scent of your choice from my extensive product line.Always a classic, pure lavender that calls to mind the spicy herbal aroma that emanates from my herb garden when the lavender is in full bloom - offered in a pretty shade of lavender purple.A customer favorite, blackberry sage. Sun ripened sweet juicy blackberries that line the edges of the forest tempered with t... » Read More
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