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I've been a wee bit obsessed with agates lately.  I have an assortment and have been pondering on how to set them into necklaces.  From the top left Prudent Man, Coyamito, Laguna, Mexican Fire (recently set and posted), Lace and Nyssa Moss.  If you have a thought or idea for a cool setting, please leave a comment in my shop.  ... » Read More

Just In

II just received these Hells Canyon Petrified Wood cabs and cannot wait to create a necklace from the one on the right.  The herringbone pattern in this stone is what makes it so unusual.  The little holes are actually dry rot that formed in the wood before it was petrified.  Hells Canyon is located on the Idaho and Oregon border and is now submerged under water as result of the Brownlee hydro electric dam built in the late 1950's.  There is very little of this beautiful stone available - needless to say it is also pricey.  Check back in a couple of weeks and I will have posted a new piece made from this awesome cabochon.  ... » Read More


This is my first foray into online selling and blogging.  I am a computer professional by day and most of my friends and family would chuckle when I would tell them that I did not have a website or an Etsy shop.  A discussion with a friend who is a social media coordinator for her family business convinced me that I should expose my jewelry to a wider audience and here I am writing this blog.If given my way, I would hole up in my studio each and every day.  The real world is a far away place when I am in my studio.  If not in my studio, I would want to be at a Gem and Mineral Show or searching for unique stones online.  I just order... » Read More