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Holiday Sneak Peek

Get ready for the newest collection, Homespun, releasing in time for the holidays.  The collection is inspired by the writing of Laura Ingalls Wilder and features nightgowns, dresses and a new jumper style.  Make sure you "like" Thimble House on Facebook to get all the latest news, coupons, and special offers!... » Read More

How to Choose Fabrics for Tiny Doll Clothes

Finding fabrics for tiny dolls like Amelia Thimble can be a daunting task, especially if you're going for a realistic look on your little one. When it comes to choosing fabrics, there are several things you want to look for.TEXTURE When you're looking for fabrics for your little ones, finding a texture that works in the scale of your doll is important. For example, a big, nubby chenille will not translate correctly to a doll that is 4 inches tall.  When looking for the right texture, fiber and weave is everything!  The tighter and smaller the fibers, and the tighter and smaller the weave of those fibers, the flatter the texture of your... » Read More

Settling in After the Move

We recently moved, and the girls had to pack up, unpack and settle back in.  They did some room switching, and have lots of grand plans.The house has a new wing, complete with rooftop parking and play area.  Lark and Lilac's rooms still to come.Posie and Poppy's room will be very traditional, with a touch of fairy tales. Daisy's room.  There will be lots of pink and poodles in here!Lilly's room. Lillybug loves frogs, so we're making a frog shaped bed and a frog print bedspread. Frogs, frogs, frogs!The house is set up and they've moved back in, but now they want to paint walls, redo the floors, hang curtains and add touches. So much wor... » Read More

Getting Ready for the Yard Sale: Day Two

The girls are working on getting ready for the yard sale. It is hard work, but there'll be pizza when they're done! Daisy is in charge of putting out clothes and shoes.  Posie works on setting out toys, including this cute little My Size doll!Poppy is in charge of household goods and furniture. She wants you to know those shelves will be for sale, because she is not hauling them back into the house!Lily and Rosie set out personal items, like wigs and eyes. Rosie is kind of grossed out by the eyeballs, but Lily thinks they're cool. This is going to be one huge tiny yard sale!... » Read More

Getting Ready for the Yard Sale: Day One

The girls recently decided to move their house to a new location, and in the process have discovered that they have waaaay too much stuff! A yard sale is in the works, but this might be harder than they thought...Daisy: Rosie, do we really need this extra bed? Rosie: I'll let go of the bed if you let go of the hutch.Lily goes through the boxes and boxes of toys."We have 11 teddy bears, you guys! ELEVEN! That's just ridiculous!"What will they put in the sale? Will Lily find more teddy bears? Can the girls do this without tears?  Stay tuned.... » Read More

Handy Amelia Tip: Pin Posing

Posing Amelia can be tricky, especially when your girl has a kicky leg. To get your girl's legs to behave, simply insert a straight pin into the back of your doll's knee joint, like this:Then make sure her feet are flat, and your kicky leg problem is solved long enough to pose and take pictures.TAADAA!For a more permanent solution to fix your girl's kicky leg, you can restring your doll using this tutorial:Amelia Thimble Restringing TutorialHave a handy tip you'd like to share?  Let us know in the comments below!... » Read More

Handy Amelia Tip: The many uses of glue dots

Glue dots are perfect for helping your doll do all sorts of things. The Thimble House Girls prefer Zots because they are acid free and don't cost a bundle. You can find them at any place you find scrap booking materials.Here's a quick list of some of Thimble House's favorite uses:*Put one on your doll's hand to help her "hold" things.*Help keep errant collars down with the help of a bit of a dot.*Keep Amelia from losing her shoes with a glue dot on the bottom of each foot. *Add a dot to her hand to help keep it positioned while posing.When you're done with the dot, simply peel it off and wipe the doll down with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing a... » Read More

Handy Amelia Tip: Headbands from Hair Ties

Fabric coated rubber hair bands make great Amelia Thimble headbands! Posie and Poppy model some examples.The best way to tell if your rubber band will fit is to pinch the rubber band together at the right and left sides and then measure the length. If it is 2 inches from tip to tip, then it will work. You can even get away with 2 1/4 inches, but anything less then 2 inches will probably not fit well. ... » Read More

Shenanigans by Hooligans: Or, What We Did at Mom's Work Today

Lily and Daisy are having a pajama day at work today. Those are the best kinds of days, don't you think?  Hot cocoa, cozy jammies and cuddling in a big comfy chair with pet friends, Freddie and Buttons, is the perfect way to start this day!A game of hide and seek sounds like fun. Lily practices her counting: 1...2...3...4......while Daisy looks for a good place to hide. Behind this tissue box is a good place....nineteen...twenty...Ready or not, here I come! Lily surprises Daisy by finding her in the first place she looks, but Lily swears she didn't peek!Pencil jousting is always a fun game. Lily wants a pencil with a green eraser for the next t... » Read More

A Snow Day in the Desert!

It is snowing in the desert, and the girls are putting on their warmest clothes to go outside and play.Lark is making a snow Amelia!Lilac tries to walk an icy balance beam. Don't slip, Lilac!Posie looks for snow fairies. Don't look now, Posie, but there's one right behind you!It wouldn't be a snow day without a snowball fight. Lark sneaks up on Daisy, but Daisy has a surprise of her own!Building a snowman is hard work.  Daisy and Posie run to help Lilac push that huge snowball!Rosie and Lily add the snowman's face.Posie's hat is a little too big, but a snowman has to have a hat!The girls warm up by the fire with some hot cocoa, fuzzy slippers a... » Read More

Amelia Thimble Closet Travel Case Tutorial

Cleaning out my studio recently, I realized my girls have a whole lot of clothes, and nowhere to store them properly. Because I live in the desert, dust is a serious issue, so I've been using a box with a lid to keep the dust out of their clothes. But the box wasn't very attractive, and it didn't allow me to find what I wanted easily. What I really wanted was something cute to display and even possibly travel with me. As I was sorting out some odds and ends, I came across a plastic storage container with adjustable compartments, and realized it was the answer I needed. WHAT YOU'LL NEEDAdjustable shelf plastic storage caseFabric1/2 inch foamQ-ti... » Read More

Resizing a Too Big Wig to Fit Amelia

You will need:Amelia dollWig (size 4 wig is shown here)ScissorsSewing pencilNeedleHeavy duty thread that matches wig's hair colorPinsStep OneRemove the velcro tabs on your doll's head. This is critical, or you will snag the wig fibers and potentially ruin your wig. If you want to add velcro tabs back at a later date, you can always pick up some precut circles of sticky back velcro at your local craft store. Step TwoPut the wig as it is on your doll's head and carefully examine the part, bangs, and any other defining characteristics of your wig. You want to be sure you have a feel for how the wig fits, and how it should fit, be... » Read More

Welcome Home, Lilac!

... » Read More

Amelia Thimble Doll as Tinkerbell - A Review

Amelia Thimble as Tinkerbell arrived at Thimble House last night, and as expected, Wilde Imagination has scored another hit!The base doll is the best I've bought so far (this gal makes number 7).  The stringing tension is very well balanced, and that kicky right leg is gone - hallelujah! The joint pieces fit better in this doll than any of my others, making her far more easy to pose.Her wig is the same in style as the Basic and Cute as a Button dolls. The hair is a very high quality saran, and the hair bows are very sweet, though they will be hard to get back in once taken out. The shade of blonde is very natural, and very appropriate, not just... » Read More

Happy Halloween From Thimble House

The Thimble House Girls would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Halloween.  ... » Read More

Amelia Thimble Doll Halloween Treat Bag Tutorial

WHAT YOU'LL NEEDScissorsFeltEmbroidery threadRegular threadPencilNeedleQuarter Step OneUsing your quarter, trace 2 circles on to your orange felt.Step 2Cut the circles from the felt.Step 3Cut a strip of orange felt, approximately 1/ inch in width by 2 1/4 inches long.Step 4Put both circles together and cut a straight line about 1/4 of an inch from the top of the circles.Step 5Put one of your cut circles aside. Line up the strip of felt and the top of your cut circle and begin stitching them together.  I like blanket stitches; they give a nice, finished look.Step 6When you get near the end of the circle, you will notice that your strip is slight... » Read More
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