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Merry Christmas

Greeting Everyone!!!It is hard to believe that Christmas is almost here. It feels like I just put the decorations away! It was a tough year in many ways and getting into the holiday spirit has been a challenge. It has not helped that we have been sick and coughing for over month! But I still find joy in putting up the tree. Getting out the ornaments is like going down memory lane. A lot of them were made in my one class I teach at the university. Others were made my by niece. Others just hold special memories. I love to sit without the lights on as we watch television. The glow from the tree is so warming and peaceful.It was an up and down year. I... » Read More

I love to talk fiber!

Quilting at the Bayfront is over for 2016. What a show it was!!! I love talking to people about fiber, especially wool and felting. It was great to see so many friends and past customers. Jenny Doan even stopped in my booth. She said she is not a felter but loved my work...How awesome was that!!!This was the first year I did demonstrations about needlefelting on the front stage. It was a lot of fun. People were very enthused and asked great questions. It still amazes me how many people do not know about or how to needle felt. It is such an easy and versatile craft. I am already thinking about next year :-)Happy Creating!Anita... » Read More

Inspiration comes from anywhere you see beauty!

Artists are often asked where they get their inspiration. For most of us it comes from the natural beauty of nature! This plant has been an inspiration this year. I planted it almost 25 years ago with my mom. She helped me redo my flower beds in the front of the house. This lily waited many years before producing any flowers. Most years there were 2 or 3 shoots. I would get a handful of flowers. To my surprise this year it is a lily on steroids! Hahaha!!!! There are 7 stalks and numerous blossoms on each one. It is so amazing to see it change each day. Here's hoping you find inspiration in your life to do amazing things... » Read More

Getting ready!!!

Quilting on the Bayfront will fast be approaching!   It is time to do some serious felting and dyeing. These will be one of the featured items in my booth this year. Many different styles and sizes will be for sale. I better get busy....maybe after a swim in the pool Happy Creating!Anita... » Read More

Happy Memorial Day!

Wow! Here it is the end of May. Where has the time gone again this year? It seems the more we want to do the faster the time goes. I have spent this lovely week planting my flowers and dyeing fiber! It has been wonderful. Our family also spent a lovely day with my mother celebrating her birthday. She is living in assisted living now as her dementia has finally taken over. She is settled and seems to be doing well :-) Now it is time to concentrate on some new art. I am always collecting pictures of art I think I can duplicate in the felting. This piece is one that I have looked at many times. I just love the motion and the colors! Here is a piece I... » Read More

Am I a designer?

When I was in home economics in high school we had to make a jumper. I loved it and fell in love with sewing and making clothes. All I could think about was becoming a fashion designer. All through high school I made most of my own clothes. I would spend hours at the fabric store sifting through patterns the way Sheldon and his friends sift through comic books at the comic book store. Then off to the isles of fabrics and ribbons! At that time cottons and calicos were popular. Polyester was coming into fashion. I could whip out a dress in a day from beginning to end. If there was a new event I was going to, I had to make a new out fit. Most of my c... » Read More

New years are times for reflection

Happy New Year!After much contemplation, I have decided to start a new chapter in my fibery business journey. Over the past 9 months I have been taking dye classes from Natalie Redding @ Namaste Farms and spinning classes from Arlene Thayer & Suzy Brown of What an amazing experience this has been. All of these ladies are so creative and enthusiastic about what they are teaching. As a teacher I know how important it is to be into what you are talking about with your students.!!!When I closed my shop in 2014, I was not sure where to go. I had this nice new studio where I could house all my supplies and lots of room for classes. ... » Read More

What thread should I use for wool applique?

People new to wool applique often ask me what type of thread use they use? My answer is simple....what ever gives you the look you are going for. You don't always need to purchase extra thread just to get started. If this is your first piece you can easily use embroidery threads you have on hand. I use 2 strands if I don't want it to stand out and three if I do. I tend to match colors to the piece of wool but you don't have to. You can use perle cotton threads. I like either size 8 or 12 wt. I have even used 12wt sewing thread. Sometimes I will mix colors of thread for a variegated look. I will also mix different types of thread within a piece. I ... » Read More

Do you love wool Applique?

I love wool applique. Wool is so forgiving! I started dyeing wool fabric after learning there were less steps to the process then cotton. After awhile I had so much wool fabric I had to do something with it. So I started appliqueing. I even designed a few of my own patterns. Recently I discovered two ladies from Australia, The Quilted Crow Girls. They do some awesome stuff! They have written two books and have lots of patterns. Recently they designed a quilted with their own fabrics and wool. A fabric company in the USA is offering the program to shops. I took the plunge and ordered enough for 10 people. The fabric came last week and now I am off ... » Read More

Studio almost done!

Vending at Chautauqua and Happy Scrappers Quilt shows are over. My hubby spent last week putting up shelves and installing counters and storage. I am ready to go full speed ahead on setting up the studio. I have had a lot of positive response from people wanting to know what I will be doint there in the future. I will host classes and from time to time have sales on certain products. With luck I will have everything in place for a Open House to the public with a HUGH yarn & fiber sale the first of November. I can hardly wait to get it ready. It is looking so nice. Pictures soon!Happy Creating!Anita... » Read More

Quilting around Chautauqua

Busy getting ready for vending at Chautauqua this coming weekend. I will be in the Hotel lobby. It is always crazy right before the event. I am finishing a new quilt to show and some knitting & crochet samples. Also a new wool applique pincushion. There will be lots of hand-dyed wool and yarns. Everything except for the new featured items will be 15% off and some wool applique kits and books will be 50% off. If you are looking for fiber I will not be taking that much this year. Not enough room in the booth. Look out next year though, we will have a new look and lots of fiber and project ideas. This year had to focus on the yarns I had left over fr... » Read More

Nuno felting

We've all see the wonderful things that have been made using the technique of Nuno Felting. Nuno simply means applying fiber onto fabric. Using a loose weave fabric like gauze, silk chiffon, fibers that will wet felt can be attached to the fabric through the felting process. The wool fibers migrate into the silk and become a new piece of fabric. Some pieces are very elaborate but here I made just a simple flower. At first you don't think it is going to be anything. Then magically (and that's exactly how it feels) the fabric and wool do their thing and Viola! you have a flower. It is the coolest thing ever. I am getting ready to do a nuno scarf wor... » Read More

A felt makeover!

Did you ever have a project that you started and by the time you got back to it you didn't like it? It just wasn't speaking to you anymore! That's how I felt with this needlefelted piece. I wanted to make a forsythia bush and got started on it. I got side-tracked (I'm sure that never happens to you) and after 2months pulled it out to finish. I just wasn't inspired anymore.  So I began to research my books and tutorials on landscapes. How could I turn this into a nice landscape? The nice thing about working with wool is you can tear it off if you haven't felted it too far. So if something doesn't look right you can change it. That is a pretty ea... » Read More

The palm board

I love the look of wet felting but my arms just can't do it. So I have mostly been doing needle felting. I recently came across a website Robbin & Harry make these tools they call palm boards. They are designed to speed up the felting process and make it easier with much less rolling. I was skeptical but ordered one anyway. I am a sucker for a new tool. After I tried it out I was 100% sold on it. It really does make the felting process much easier and faster. There is less stress on your arms and hands. You can create small pieces in a shorter amount of time. I have even used it on dimensional work. I have see Robbin make rea... » Read More

One door closes, one door opens!

Those who have ever had their own shop can probably relate to this post. All my life I have wanted nothing but to have my own shop. It would be a place where I would create my own designs and hopefully sell to people that would be as inspired to buy my art as I was to make and sell it. I finally got the opportunity to open a shop in 2006. It evolved over the years and one day I found it had morphed into something that was so far from my dream shop I did not recognize it. This place where I went every week and poured my heart and soul into was something I was no longer in love with. My passion I had held all those years through high school and earl... » Read More