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Metalsmith Guild Challenge

In response to the Artfire Metalsmith Guild challenge to create a piece that demonstrates our passion, I both created at the bench and then wrote this blog post.... » Read More

Fusing Copper and Silver in Kiss Hug Dog Tags

As seems to happen often with me, I didn't think to document the making of these earrings until they were halfway complete. So, in the episode you missed, I took inspiration from a pair of earrings made by my jewelry teacher, Lynne Hull, a marriage of metals in copper and silver depicting an unwinnable tic-tac-toe game-- stark and dramatic, simple and beautiful, totally obvious yet completely surprising.    I had never before experimented with marriage of metals and immediately decided I had to try it.  The design appeared in my head-- I am sure Lynne's x and o shapes were in mind, but I was thinking of the ... » Read More

Chocolate Babka, Mies and Me

In making art or craft or gardens or charts or whatever one makes, there arises the question: Is there as much pleasure in the journey as in the destination? How long do we find we stick with something if all the bits of the process aren't enjoyable?  My husband has a passion and appreciation for informative graphs, which do absolutely nothing for me.  Take a look at his daunting Options Trading blog graphs if you dare.  My sister is an amazing start to finish landscape designer and contractor, whereas I only have patience and passion for the finished product and will take any shortcut to get there; I'... » Read More

Compromises on the Road to Business Success

I just posted a new blog post on my Posterous blog-- please visit!  It is about puppy love, business compromises, needing to organize, and the joy of living with a metaphor.  Really! » Read More

Renewal in Autumn

Autumn is a time of harvest, endings, sometimes sadness, but also a time for new beginnings and inspirations. The fall winds blow in a renewed sense of hope and purpose, reinvigorated creativity. Please see my new blog post here: » Read More