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How to Tighten the Ends of an Eyeglass Holder

Sometimes when you buy eyeglass holders, it's difficult to get them to work with your glasses. Lots of glasses have very thin arms, and this makes the loops on the eyeglass holder slip off easily. Your eyeglasses get dropped. Scratched. Stepped on. Or lost, as the case may be. I make beaded eyeglass holders that are offered in my online shops both on Artfire and Etsy. Bits n Beads on Artfire | Bits n Beads on Etsy   In my experience, there are a number of people who love beaded eyeglass holders, but have this problem with the loops being too loose to hold their glasses in place. Fortunately, there's an easy fix to thi... » Read More

Improving Your Photos - Product Photography by Twist

Okay. I was recently asked if I would put together a tips post for photography so I'm going to do my best to give a very detailed (but hopefully not too long winded) post of photography tips for those that need them. My personal photography experience is with taking close-up photos of small items, so much of this advice will be focused on that type of photography (called macro photography) but can easily be applied to any other form of product photography you may need. In photography, there are a number of factors to take into consideration and they all work together. The major factors are your camera and equipment, lighting, setting an... » Read More

Losing Files, Crashing Computers and Accidental Delete

Recently someone posted a thread on one of the forums that I visit that was shut down.  Apparently some of her pictures had been deleted or lost off her computer's hard drive. Although she was able to recover some of them, others were lost.   Unfortunately, although there was some excellent advice scattered among the commiserating posts on the thread, when the thread was shut down, these posts were lost. I think it's important information and so I'd like to reiterate it here in the hope that maybe this thread will be useful to those that need the info. 1)  It is always a good idea to back up your business files, including or... » Read More

Weigh your USPS packages Carefully

A while ago, I was on a forum where someone had posted a thread asking about when ( or if ) you should round up the weight of your package when you ship USPS and your package ends up weighing an "off" amount. The question asked was if, when a package is say... 2.1 oz in weight, can they claim it as 2 oz or should they round up to 3oz. I had a discussion with the post office today (with a very helpful supervisor, to be exact, who I'd been working with and was on a first name basis with prior to this but had NO idea he was actually "the man in charge" until today) and I have the answer. ROUND UP I was (very bluntly) told that t... » Read More

How to add Google Analytics to your Blogger/Blogspot blog

Google Analytics, if you haven't heard of it, is an excellent tool whenever you have a website or blog that you're trying to grow a following on. It provides a great deal of information about your visitors including what times of day are your busiest times, how people come to find your site and much more. It's well worth the time it takes to install it on your site and learn the ropes of using this terrific, free service provided by Google. For many, installing this tool on your site is confusing. Especially so when you're working with a site that has it's own templates like Blogger/Blogspot. I hope this will help you... » Read More

Business Pages on Facebook and the Eternal Hunt for Fans

Recently, one of our Boosting Etsy Shops Team members posted a request for advice on how to get yourself more fans on Facebook for you Business/Shop Fan Page.   They were stuck at just over 80 fans and had been for a few months. It was at that time that I realized that our Fan Page that we started up last October has just recently crested over 2300 fans (how did that happen??) ... So I suppose that makes us qualified to answer this question although It really takes some thought to figure out -how- we got to that number. It seems that it just started to grow after a while on its own. In the beginning, though, that... » Read More

The Difference Between Customer Service and Mail Fraud

As published on Zibbet's blog and on The Pursuit of Etsyness Many of us who sell online have had this experience, and I think it’s something that should be addressed so that those that are new to the world of online selling have a reference. When you sell Internationally, as many of us do, you occasionally run across the odd customer who wants you to help them circumvent their customs fees by marking “gift” on the customs forms or by claiming the item’s value as less than the purchaser’s paid price. This seems harmless, and because most of us are focused on providing exemplary customer servi... » Read More

What you should know about Brainstorming

Busy people with busy lives don't always have the time to sit down and brainstorm.   I know I don't.  And even if I did?  I'm pretty sure as soon as I sat down with pen and paper in hand I'd be drawing a blank.   My mind doesn't work that way and I know I'm not the only one. Think about it.   Where do you get your best ideas? Is it in the car?   On the can?  In the shower?  While you're falling asleep or when you just wake up? And usually by the time you get to a piece of paper and a pen so you can write those fleeting thoughts down they've already flown the coop.  I'm pretty sure all ... » Read More

Facebook and the Random Silencing of Your Friends and Loved Ones

Have you noticed over the past week or so that you aren't getting as many of your friends updates on as you used to on Facebook?  Just recently (as anyone who visits the Facebook website can tell you), Facebook has changed their format.    This isn't just a cosmetic change, although you might not realize it.     There is now a new feature in the Facebook newsfeeds.   Facebook is now limiting and 'randomly choosing' the posts that show up when people open up their newsfeeds.   Instead of giving you all of the news feeds that you subscribe to, it now only looks through  250 of your friends/pages and... » Read More

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

When you're selling online, pictures are everything. You can describe an item until you're fingers are raw from typing, but nothing is going to sell your product better than having a good quality photograph to show it off. Jewelry, in particular, is my own field and I can guarantee that unless you have high quality photos, you're not going to be moving any of your pieces out the door via online sales. Unfortunately, it's hard to find good advice for the novice photographer. I ran into this problem myself when I first started. What advice I could find made absolutely no sense due to being filled with photography terms a... » Read More

Quality over Quantity | A Defense of Handmade in the Face of Commercialism

Like all groups or dynamics out there, there are going to be those that make a bad name for a everyone. The handmade market place is no exception to this fact.   You can find tons of handmade items on and off the internet that are poor quality and just... sad.  I myself have been the recipient of more than one of those gifts that turns into the white elephant from hell in your closet or tucked away in the spare room somewhere.   This is true, it happens.  It's out there and it's out there in force, too.  The problem is, this reputation has a false connotation to it.    It doesn't take into account the ... » Read More