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No one taught me

No one taught me how to do any of this stuff i do.      Except the art, I went to Carnegie- Mellon and somehow found my way into the design dept.    After that ?   I went to the University at Buffalo in fine art, and later took art courses at Buff State, too.   So, I kinda HAD to learn how to draw.My quilts came from the fabric pile I accumulated.   I- - -   well, i have always sewn my own clothing, and now I sew for my son, also.   I am addicted perhaps, to fabrics.   I buy sometimes, just becuz I have found a great deal, too good to pass up !    And these great deals usually are large yardages.    Lin... » Read More

I really like her jewelries, but - - -

You see my jewelries, like them, read the descriptions- - -   and are disappointed that you don't know what they are strung on, and, sometimes, even what gemstones are in them, or if they really ARE gemstones, and you may wonder if I have my facts straight.I certainly can't blame you if you're a bit frustrated with me.   I just am too busy ( harried, even ?) with the vast amount of things I feel the overwhelming need to create to keep adequate records to let you know alla the facts.    When i DO mention a gemstone, I am pretty sure I have it right, tho.   And if I say glass, it certainly is.   I hardly ever buy any acrylic beads.... » Read More

What's with "Single Cards Only" ???

In stationery, I have a selection titled "Single Cards Only".     This means that you can buy these, singly, "by the each" as my dad woulda said, for the listed price.This is in contrast to my other stationery category, "Other Stationery Sets".   This contains cards I sell as sets, as most of these cards are similar, or have similar images, but are not the same.The vast majority of my cards are done each by each, one at a time.   In single cards, there will be some small variances.   I try to judge always, if they are like enough to sell this way.    In the sets, what you see is what you get.    I don't often duplicate a... » Read More

Currently- - -

I will be loading up shawls ( I made quite a lot while waiting to move up here- )   and jewelries while making up 2- 3 years of neglected fabric into clothing for my son Jon.    So far, just tonight, I have cutt out 8 shirts.  I cutt them in groups of 4 with a SHARP scizzors.I also will be loading up a whole new set of jewelries.    About 20, with a few pairs of earrings.I take shawl pix on sunny days only to make the most of my skylight windows.   And i am still figuring out how to get the pix I want up here.   I have new LED white lights, they make everything look fanTAStic- - -  everything EXCEPT the pix.   I am tr... » Read More

How I'm choosing to use this space- - -

       I plan to use this area to help you navigate this voluminous shop.   I have always wanted a page inside the sections areas to clarify details of items within that section.   A few days ago, quite belatedly, I realized, that I already have that....    right here.... » Read More