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Popular Scent Choices and Combinations

Awapuhi SeaberryBamboo and Green TeaColumbian CoffeeChocolate Covered StrawberriesChocolate MintCinnamon OrangeCinnamon VanillaCitrus BasilCleansing Foot (rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus)Coconut LimeCoconut Lime VerbenaCold and Flu Relief (lavender, bergamot, tea tree)Cranberry ChutneyCucumber MelonCucumber Melon MintFresh Floral (bergamot, jasmine, rose)Fudge BrownieGinger PeachGrapefruit EucalyptusHuckleberryJasmine VanillaLavender EucalyptusLavender VanillaLemon Drop (lemon, orange, grapefruit, ruby red grapefruit)Lemongrass SpearmintLove Spell typeMandarin MintMuscle Relief (lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus)Montana RainNag ChampaNaked (scent fr... » Read More

Available Fragrance Oils

Almond Aloe & Green Tea Amber Amber and Vanilla Apple Apples and Oranges Awapuhi Seaberry Baby Powder Balsam Fir Bamboo and Green Tea Banana Nut Bread Basil Bay Rum Bergamot Blueberry Cobbler Blackberry Sage Tea Bubblegum Butter cream type Cabernet Campfire Caramel Caramel Apple Cedar Chai Tea Chamomile Chamomile and Musk Melon Champagne Chardonnay Cherry Christmas Wreath Cinnaberries Cinnamon Cinnamon Bun Citrus Citrus Basil Clean Cotton Clove Coconut Coconut Lime Verbena Columbian Coffee Cotton Candy Cou... » Read More

Available Essential Oils

Amber Anise Basil Bergamot Black Pepper Cedarwood Chamomile Blue Cinnamon Leaf Citronella Clary Sage Clove Pennyroyal Cypress Eucalyptus Frankincense Ginger Grass Ginger Root Juniper Berry Lavender 40-42 Lavender French Lemon Lemongrass Lime Mandarin Red Melissa Myrrh Orange Patchouli (cablin) Peppermint (arvensis) Peppermint (piperita) Petitgrain Rosemary Spearmint Tangerine Tea Tree Thyme Vetiver II Ylang Ylang Complex... » Read More