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What is it about jewelry, anyway?

I've thought about this one before, and I'm not sure I have a definitive answer. So, what is it, exactly, about jewelry that we find so irresistible? Jewelry has been around and a part of our culture (the human culture, that is) for thousands and thousands of years. As soon as humans had found a way to be safe from the wild animals and feed themselves, they started making and wearing jewelry. It seems it came along not too far after basic survival. And we haven't stopped ever since that time. What do you think it is? What are those deep-seated reasons or needs that humans have that cause us to drool over a nice piece of jewelry? What do you ... » Read More


I've posted a couple of times already and somehow the posts disappeared into the blackhole of Cyberspace. So, let me just test it out this time. :-)... » Read More