Published On: 03-02-2013 08:07pm

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 Welcome to the world of personalized collars for slip leads and martingales!  I took the plunge and purchased an entry level embroidery machine - and I'm having a BLAST!  So many thread colors and available background materials.  And patterns!  Unbelievable  amount of patterns out there.  I located a group in England that has terrific head studies of many breeds and found nearly all of the sighthounds .  Plus, Celtic, Celtic and more Celtic designs that can be combined in so many ways.
     I've been experiencing sensory overload!  What a cool way to create custom ribbons! Kennel names, call names, favorite design selections - it's nearly limitless and unique.  And you can add embellishments to the designs such as seed pearls, crystals, beads . . .
     I'm just getting started with this addition to the studio, so I've been slow to add the new 'stuff' to the studio.
     Keep checking back!

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