Laser pointers - ultimate toy for coursers

Published On: 04-20-2014 12:37am

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Promise and Connor joined our lives in 2005.  It had been some time since we had puppies in the house, so I felt compelled to visit my favorite pet warehouse, to purchase toys and other things that, hopefully, would create more chewing interest.  Basically, I was trying to minimize damage to items we wanted to keep in the same, pre-puppies condition, after all, you can only suspend so much from the cathedral ceiling.
It was during one of these excursions I found a laser pointer.  Ah, what's twenty bucks?
By now, the pair was very active but had to stop every now and then to recharge their 'batteries', laying in some sought after sunshine.  Hubby thinks Basenjis are the original solar collectors.
The first night made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to split my britches!  Years ago, I had a white, deaf, long haired cat who chased flashlights but she had nothing on these two.
We had several collisions, a few items nearly broken and two exhausted puppies who slept through the night (no sun to recharge).
This was a good thing . . . until we miss-placed the laser pointer!  Promise and Connor ran through the house, going from room to room, looking for the little, red dot, until they were exhausted.
I finally had to purchase another one (which is a good way to find the one missing) to break their stupor and depression.  Eventually, we purchased a green one, touted as being good for indicating constellations.  I reasoned we could use it out in the yard - longer straight a-ways, more turns . .
They weren't interested - had to have the 'red' dot.
Even now, some nine years later, Promise can tell the difference between a pen and the pointer.  If you reach for the laser pointer, both of them will freeze, eyes looking everywhere, trying to locate that tantalising 2D red orb, zipping along the carpet, ducking into the kitchen at will.
Now senior citizens, they don't move as quickly nor are they as coordinated - but they still want to chase the dot.

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