Welcome AKC - CAT participants!

Published On: 10-03-2012 01:17pm

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Finally, all dogs have the opportunity to enjoy what sighthounds have relished since before recorded time - Lure Coursing.  And, participants will be able to earn AKC recognized titles, just for doing what comes natural.

This is the only sport in dogdom we do for them.  Dogs either chase the plastic bags or not.  You can't force or train them to do so.  It's all up to the dog.

Dogs have a chase instinct, hence the reason you should not run from them, as it's kin to waving a red blanket in front of a bull with a temper. 

Coursing affords you the opportunity to let your little darlings have a great deal of fun and gives you a quiet vehicle on the way home.

Simple, effective exercise and the cure-all for hyperactivity, at least on coursing days and maybe the following day after, from all of that running.  It's dog supported exhaustion!

For more info - got to www.akc.org/events/coursing_ability_test/.

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