Origin of Besheer Art Tile

Published On: 07-25-2012 05:31pm

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Inspired by Brazilian tile, Kenneth Besheer and his wife Jacqueline left their corporate jobs and began making tiles in the 1970’s. Today they offer over 300 designs and custom tiles as decoration, souvenirs and home design elements. Their work has been commissioned by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the U.S. Capitol, the Smithsonian and Acadia National Park. Not bad for starting with no training or experience! But despite these high-profile clients, Besheer Art Tile remains a small business operating in Bedford, New Hampshire.


Kenneth Besheer maintains that he was a bit of a problem kid. He loved to create experiments with household ingredients and watch them bubble, foam and explode. Now he pours this curiosity and experimentation into his tile design and color creations. Ken fires all the tiles in four kilns and still experiments with custom colors. The Besheers work with two part-time staff, and they handle all aspects of the business themselves. They even created their own website and manage their search engine results.

The Besheers see their work as part of the tradition of integrity and authenticity that goes into New England-made crafts. They rely on the New England Products Trade Show as a way to physically show their designs to buyers. And, they say the show is essential for them to renew old acquaintances and build rapport with new clients.

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