A Look At Rhodolite

Published On: 01-07-2012 11:31pm

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Rhodolite (Ceylon-Ruby)

Rhodonite is one of several gemstones that draw their name from the Greek word for rose ("rhodon"); the others are rhodolite garnet and rhodochrosite. Rhodonite, however, is rarely entirely red; it is usually rose pink to red with black dendritic inclusions of manganese oxide.

Rhodonite is an emotional balancer especially love emotions. It is an emotional healing stone. Rhodonite clears out emotional wounds form the past. It also clears away festering resentment and anger and helps find forgiveness. It builds up confidence and love. A rhodonite necklace is good to wear in times of stress. Most of all rhodonite is a healing love stone. It is a good stone to use in rituals where a stressful relationship needs to be healed. Rhodonite is pink with brown or black spots.

Rhodolite is a combination of almandite and pyrope garnet, containing trace amounts of aluminum (Al), Iron (Fe) and magnesium (Mg) as allochromatic coloring agents. Primary sources for Rhodolite are found in Kenya, Mozambique, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), the United States, and Zimbabwe.

Though rhodonite is found in a number of locations in the United States, it was named the state gem of Massachusetts in 1979, apparently because it is the most beautiful gem material native to the state.

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