Being Bit by Wire and Other Pointy Things

Being Bit by Wire and Other Pointy Things

Published On: 04-14-2013 04:25pm

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If any of you have ever made anything with wire (or are big into sewing; I am the go-to-girl to mend clothes in my home, but I don't know how to use a sewing machine- we don't have one either- so I have taught myself to hand sew) you know what I'm talking about. If you're not sure, allow me to explain: it's when you prick your finger or hand with the sharp end of the needle or wire (I usually get my thumb). It stings and makes that spot very sensitive for a while.

The other day, I was making a beach inspired anklet and this happened to me (don't worry, I cut the end of the wire off that pricked my thumb). I exclaimed "oww" and realized my thumb was bleeding, so I went to the bathroom, cleaned it out, and put a bandaid on it. I don't know how I did it, but I pricked my thumb so deep that I had to change the band aid later that day. Now I have a very dark dot on my thumb where it has healed, but it's been almost three days and my thumb is still sensitive the touch!

You have to understand, I am very clumsy. My family teases me constantly saying that "knifes like the taste of me" because most of my scars (and I have quite a few) have been sustained by accidentally dropping knifes, not paying attention and grabbing it the wrong way... I'm sure you get the point. The only good thing about this is that I've developed a very high pain tolerance.
Anyways, for example when I was in 5th grade my family and I went to an Earth day celebration at our local library. They gave us seeds, cups, and dirt to plant our seeds in. I realized that I would need to poke holes in the bottom of my cup so that it would drain when I watered my little cabbage plant (see where this is going?). When I got home, I took a knife (one the same size as a butter knife, just with a sharp tip) and tried to poke holes in the bottom of the cup. It wouldn't go through, so I stabbed it harder and it went straight through the soil and through my hand. All I said was "OW!" and my mom asked what was wrong from the other room. I pulled the knife back through the cup and craddled my hand, and went to show it to my mom. My mom exclaimed when she saw my hand gushing blood and helped me wash it off and clean it up... well I was afraid of getting in trouble so I didn't mention to my mom that it had gone through my hand... For some reason I thought that cleaning it out and wrapping it up with gauze would totally fix the problem.

The next morning I went to school and figured out soon that I couldn't write properly (I was left handed). My index finger was purple and swollen to almost four times its size and I couldn't move it, so I went to the nurses office. When I held up my hand and told the nurse what happened, she called my mom and my mom got there immediatly. We went to the emergency room (which was surprisingly empty) and the nurse examined it, asked about symptoms, and called in the doctor. I got an antibiotic shot in my shoulder and a tetanus shot (which was two years before it was due) in a very tender area... The doctor tried to get me to move my finger, but no matter how hard I tried to will my finger to move it wouldn't.  The doctor physically straightened it out with his hand and I screamed because it hurt so bad. He determined that I had nicked or cut the tendon (tests later taken with my hand determined I had nicked it). 

I was prescribed   painkillers and given this thing the doctor kept calling a "bone". It's a device my finger laid on with velcro straps around it to wrap around my finger and wrist. A bone is meant to straighten out my finger and keep it straight ( I had to wear it for almost four months, only taking it off when I bathed).  It wasn't made for a child's hand, so it was a lot longer than my finger. 

I still couldn't write, but I still had to participate in school. The bone got in the way of my writing and caused me excruciating pain when I tried to write, so I switched to writing with my right hand. Over those next four months I re-taught myself how to write with my opposite hand. 

I've learned much about knife safety over the years and that was probably the stupidest thing I ever tried to do with a knife .
I don't have full function in my left index finger, if I want it to move I have to literally think about it moving or else it won't (when I do move it it's similar to the tightness you get when you pull on a rubber band). Now, I can write with both of my hands (but better with my right). I  also acquired a thin scar on the inside and outside of my hand.


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