In Remembrance of Squeakers~

In Remembrance of Squeakers~

Published On: 04-14-2013 06:35pm

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Today a little member of our family passed away. Her name is squeakers and she is one of our guinea pigs. She had wild gray and white fur with swirls and you had to pet her backwards because that was the direction her fur grew. 

We got Squeakers soon after we adopted two guinea pigs from a neighbor whose daughter had gotten a bunny and was neglecting her two guinea pigs, Squiggles and Rockell. I never got to meet Rockell because her owners had been so neglectful that she soon died of scurvy (guinea pigs have very sensitive systems, they have to get plenty of vitamin C from fruits and vegetables, but they can only eat certain fruits and vegetables). We were able to save Squiggles just in time, but she got very depressed without her friend and would shriek at night with lots of miss. 

We found a shelter that had guinea pigs in Inidiana and took a road trip (with Squiggles) to the shelter. There we met little Squeakers, and I quickly named her Squeakers because she was always squeaking and getting excited about every little thing. We're not entirely sure how old she was, but we knew she was under a year old.

We introduced Squeakers to Squiggles before we bought her (for only $5) and filled out her papaer work. Squiggles immediatly loved her, treating her like her little guinea pig daughter. On the trip home neithewr of them would stop talking to each other and running happily around and around their carrier.

We're not sure what happened to Squeakers because she was fine this morning and has always been well taken care of since we brought her home from the shelter in the fall of 2011. Guinea pigs are very sensitive, so we figure she may have been surprised by something and had a heart attack or maybe she choked on her pellets or hay... Squiggles has already been having some freak out moments, so we will probably have to get her another companion, but none of us are ready to try and "replace" our Squeakers.

Either way, our little friend is gone. She was too young to go (only a little bit younger than 3 years old we suspect, when Guinea pigs can live up to 8 years) We will always love and miss her.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Kat and Squeakers

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