Hand Painting Charms and Kate's Paintings

Hand Painting Charms and Kate's Paintings

Published On: 05-01-2013 11:19pm

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I've always loved painting. I still like spreading sheets of paper all around me and finger painting, releasing the inner child! All you have probably seen of my painting is intricate metal charms, something I got into a couple years ago because of how much I've enjoyed painting miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons. I paint metal charms with Citadel paint (I prime them with white Citadel primer), it's easy to use, doesn't dry too fast or too slow, is easily mixable (I mix many of my colors myself when painting in general), and isn't too expensive. It's a very high quality and has vivid colors. Of course, I use the same paint when painting metal miniatures. I'm a very detailed oriented person and I find painting things on such a small scale is even more relaxing (mainly because it makes me concentrate and focus on solely what I'm doing, something I find hard to do nowadays) than painting on a large canvas. I draw too, but I started with drawing years ago so I have much more drawings to show then paintings, so I'll make another post about drawings later this week :)

Anyways, I made this post because I wanted to show everyone that my painting talents don't just lie within the tiny and detailed. I started seriously painting, spending my free time painting and painting things to sell/give to others, about four years ago.
When painting things other than miniatures, I like using watercolors (a mix of fine and brick watercolors) and acrylic the best (I also like "painting" with India ink, but I think that's for another post). I enjoy painting scenery, eyes, animals, and flowers the best.
This is a painting I did 3 years ago with acrylic on flat canvas.

This painting I'm especially proud of; it's a watercolor-crayon resist painting on watercolor paper I did about 2 years ago. It is 3 feet wide and 1 1/2 feet tall. I submitted it in the 4-H fair at the time and it got Best of Show in miscellaneous arts :D It is now hanging up in the kitchen at my moms house.

I love Korean, I'm currently learning how to write, read, and speak it. I love doing word art, so this is one of my word arts with Korean characters. This is a saying my friend Lexxie used to say all the time in junior high. It was done with fine water colors on watercolor paper.

Another Korean word art. I translated the lines from a poem I wrote (did I mention I'm a writer? Mostly poetry, but I enjoy all forms of writing; my dad is actually into art- painting, drawing- while my mom is a big writer... lucky for me I got both skills)! This is another fine watercolor painting on watercolor paper.
The excerpt says (or I hope it says, since I translated it myself and am a beginner in the Korean language Xp):
"So tonight in my bed time prayers
I'll pray I do not wake in the morning
Because I am not welcome here
And I do not belong here
And I do not deserve to be here.
So when I see that bright light,
I'll run straight into it
Because death to me will be a blessing
And I would gladly welcome it
If it happened to come"

One of my very sad poems, but keep in mind it's only an excerpt from a very long poem that means more than just the words it reads ;)
The flowers and branch painted on the side correspond to "blood (the red), sweat (the light blue), and tears (the dark blue)"

This last one I did two years ago for an art class. Our task was to reproduce a famous art work and I chose to do M.C. Escher's "Day and Night". At first, my teacher told me I couldn't do it because it would be hard and take a long time. I was disappointed and halfheartedly continued to look through photos of art... then only a minute later my teacher turned back to me and said, "Well, if anyone is crazy enough to do it, it's you". It took me many hours and the hardest part was making the geese tessellate properly. I did it using my least favorite kind of paint (because that's what I had availiable to me), tempura. All we were allowed to use was black and white, so I mixed all the shades of gray you see myself. My work paid off when it got 1st place in the art show and received a beautiful medal!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns (tehehehaha) feel free to leave a comment and I will answer all questions promptly
Thank you!


P.S. The teaser image is a hand painted charm currently available in our artfire shop!

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