Miracle on 7th Street in Terre Haute, IN

Miracle on 7th Street in Terre Haute, IN

Published On: 12-01-2013 12:26am

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Katty Candles and Jewelry will be at the annual Christmas celebration "Miracle on 7th Street" on Friday December 6th 2013 from 5:00 p.m. To 10:00 p.m. In Terre Haute, IN located on 7th street.

Come visit us! Sadly I won't be there since I just had my tonsils taken out and am incredibly sick, but you can come meet my mom, Kat, and her friend who also makes jewelry (she will be sharing the booth with Kat selling her own creative beauties). 

There will be hundreds of new items featured that are not yet in our shop including (buy certainly not limited to) Holiday themed candles, jewelry, and jewelry supplies!

Use this secret code phrase ("Katty Christmas") at checkout during the festival (yes, in person!) to get US $5.00 off your purchase of US $20.00 or more (this discount does not stack; one use per person; does not include clearance items; only applies to items sold by KattyCandlesandJewelry)

If you're in the area (or just have lots of time on your hands and want out of the house) come see us! 
We look forward to seeing you all there 


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