I'm taking a Victorian Corset class!

I'm taking a Victorian Corset class!

Published On: 10-30-2012 03:33am

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I'm pretty excited about it too.  I saw it advertised a couple times on FaceBook, but I assumed it was an in-person kind of class.  Then she posted how it was all online, and I signed right up.

The class is making a Victorian Corset.  I'm not really a corset person.  I have recently come to understand though, that to make a period costume look correct for the period, the proper undergarments are key.  I finally got my sweetie to wear a costume for me recently; he dressed up as Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of Germany during the 1800's.  When I made his costume, I had no time left to make much of one for myself, so I make a Doric Chiton and went as Demeter.  This worked well as the event was the "Time Travelers' Ball".

Well, I'd like to make a lovely Victorian dress for another date with Otto, hence this class.  It could also work for a Steampunk event I am contemplating being a vendor for in the spring.

I'll post here about my experience making a corset.  Hopefully it will not involve cursing or crying. ;P

The class is through this website, run by the lovely Jennifer Rosbrugh:

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