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NONAMENAME on Dec 26, 2019
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I made this order back in November. They sent me a email saying the item has shipped and provided a USPS Tracking number. This tacking number does not exist. You have not even shipped the item at all. The item has not even been made yet. I am contacting you on the grounds that I will be FULLY REFUNDED IMMEDIATELY. This is not proper business and it does not take this long to manufacture a college football jersey. How do you stay in business by lying to your customers. You need to get your resume ready, I will be closing down your business. I will be attaching all these emails to a feedback along with this to Antfire and ask them to remove your company from being able to due business on Antfire. I tried to leave no stars but had to put one to have the feedback be accepted. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AT ALL THEY ARE NOT REPUTABLE OR HONEST.