Hand Made Heart Ornament, Needle Tatted Lace with Beading

Image Description
This Hand Made Heart Ornament is needle tatted lace made with red 100% cotton thread. It has clear glass seed beads added for sparkle. It would be beautiful as an embellishment to that special gift or package, or even incorporated into a greeting card. Because it is cotton, it could also be added to an already made garment. My tatted lace holds up well to washings. Tatting is a knotted lace technique made up of thousands of tiny knots which are tied to form rings, chains and spaces (called pecots). The pecots are really what make it look lacy, and the arrangement or pattern of the rings and chains give the item its overall shape. This heart has been lightly stiffened to help keep that pretty shape. I haven't tatted a hanging loop onto this heart in order to allow for flexibility in its use, but would be more than happy to add one to it in the same color as the thread. I could also include a ribbon for hanging purposes, instead, if you would prefer. Just let me know what would be best.
Approximate Price/Value: $12