Hand Made RedWood Spatula, Thin Long Handle, Optional Suede Strap

Image Description
These hand made large redwood spatulas are perfect for stirring large or deep pots or pans. They have a long handle, which gives them a much longer reach over most other types of spatulas. Also, when cooking in a large pot or pan, the spatula handle won't slide back into the pot and get the handle all sticky. The end is slightly angled which enables you to scrape the bottom of the pan well - when a spatula is flat at the end you pretty much have to have it at a 90 degree angle to the the bottom of the pan, which is not naturally the way you stir. My son makes these kitchen utensils himself and not only observes me using them, but now uses them himself in the kitchen, and has learned what works. Some of my spatulas I like to keep in a drawer and some I like to hang. The length of these ones do fit my drawer, but I prefer to hang on a hook the long wooden spatula that I have and the leather strap makes it so handy to do. The hanging strap is optional, so if you do want one there will be no extra charge. My son puts these through the process that he uses for all his wooden spatulas. After cutting, carving, and sanding the wood, he then soaks the spatula in water to raise the grain. Then the sanding process begins again. He may do that a number of times. Once the wood is smooth to his liking he rubs mineral oil in. Each spatula is unique, with the natural grain of the wood creating that one-of-a-kind pattern. These spatulas are best hand washed, but I myself put mine in the dishwasher quite frequently with no harm done. Just try not to soak it for extended periods in water. You will find that as you use them the color will change, but I have found the more I use them, the more discolored they are and the better they seem to be!
Approximate Price/Value: $8