Titanic gold amethyst swallow earrings Rose Kate Winslet

Image Description
I am very proud to bring to my shop another piece of something that has been close to my heart since 1997. I have always been an admirer of Kate Winslet, especially since her role as Rose deWitt Bukater in James Cameron's epic movie "Titanic". So with a lot of joy I present the next replica of Rose's 20th century style earrings. Rose wears these earrings when boarding the Titanic with her fiancé Caldon and her mother Ruth. In James Cameron's vision, Rose has just been back from a shopping trip in Paris and is dressed and styled in the latest fashion of that time. Dressed in a very elegant white suit and purple hat, she wears these lovely earrings. Never again has there been a time in which society put so much effort into clothing and accessories! I have been able to bring each detail into these replicas. It is a very exact copy of the movie original earrings. (Check comparison picture) My replica consists of a gold plated swallow which holds an Amethyst rhinestone in gold setting.The swallow has been connected to a gold prong earring setting which as well holds a smaller Amethyst rhinestone. All rhinestones are made by Swarovski. Soon this earrings will also be available as lever back earrings. I will also include two gold earring backs to hold them better in place on your ear. Measurements: Swallow: 1,6 x 1,6cm Rhinestone on swallow: 5mm Rhinestone on prong setting:3mm You will receive one earring with the swallow looking to the right, and one looking to the left- just like Rose wears them! Each of these earrings is made completely by hand and high quality with a great finish! Each item will be custom made with a lot of effort and care, that is why I ask for 3-5 work days to complete each order. You will also find a necklace in the same beautiful vintage style in my shop!! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask- I'll gladly answer! Please note that I only accept paypal payments. Please read my shop's policy and ask for other shipping options! Thank you! =) Disclaimer: I do not own any copyrights to "Titanic". I am not in any way associated with the legal copyright owner or original manufacturer of this item. Eventual images shown are merely used for comparison. I do not own the right to any names of original characters, clothing or jewelry items. No copyright infringement is intended.
Approximate Price/Value: $19.9