Bottle Cap Pendant Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Image Description
These bottle cap necklaces were created for those fighting or who have lost loved ones to pancreatic cancer. I also hope that they will help raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and bring it the recognition it deserves. Please scroll through the pics for other images to choose from. Also available as a zipper pull/keychain.

30% of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Pancreatic Cancer Network ( to help fund research for pancreatic cancer.

Pendants are handmade by me using brand new flattened bottle caps and an epoxy dome to give it a glassy 3D like finish. You can choose between an 18 organza ribbon with a 2 inch extender chain and lobster clasp or a 24 shiny silver finish ball chain. Ball chain can easily be cut with scissors to any length desired. In notes to seller please indicate which image you would like and whether you prefer ribbon or chain.

Pendants are water resistant not water proof. I highly recommend to remove necklace before showering, bathing, or swimming.

*About Pancreatic Cancer*

As the fourth leading cause of cancer-related death, pancreatic cancer represents a major threat to human health in the United States. Estimates show that more than 43,000 new diagnoses and 36,800 deaths were attributed to pancreatic cancer in 2010. The similarity of these numbers is a stark reminder of the deadliness of this disease, the five-year survival rate is a meager six percent. Pancreatic cancer is currently the only of the top ten cancer killers in the US with a five-year survival rate lingering in the single digits-a grim statistic that has not changed significantly in the past 40 years. Currently, research dedicated to pancreatic cancer receives a mere two percent of the federal dollars distributed by the NCI. By contrast, the other four of the top-five cancer killers in the US (lung, colon, breast, and prostate cancer) received 2.8- to 6.3-fold more NCI funding in 2009 than pancreatic cancer. Were hoping to get that changed. Help support pancreatic cancer.