Pink Sugar Soy Jewelry 20 oz Candle in Heart Glass Bracelet Inside

Image Description
This candle is made with Victoria Secret's Pink Sugar scent a cotton candy sweetness with a jewelry surprise Valentine's Day themed bracelet hidden inside. This triple wick candle is made from body safe ingedients, but always burn safely on a heat proof surface away from those who could burn themselves. Our soy candles have a very long burn time; burn time ranges from 15-90+ hours, depending on whether or not it's burned continuously. It usually takes about 2 hours of continuous burning to reach the hidden jewelry treat. Always burn until the soy candle liquefies to the edge of the container. Failure to do so will result in tunneling and poorly affect your candle burning time. Always trim the wick before each use, keep wick trimmed to 1/8 inch to avoid a mushrooming effect. Do not allow wick trimmings to fall into your wax pool. Store your candle in a place no more than 75 F. Higher temperatures may cause candle to sweat due to the high content of scented oils, causing the candle to burn slightly faster, increase potency of smell for a short time, and decrease in scent power over time. Colder room temperatures may cause slower burn. Burn continuously for 2-4 hours to reach aluminum-foiled wrapped package containing jewelry. Wait until the package is clearly visible, blow out the candle, carefully reach in and grab the package. Don't worry, aluminum does not retain heat well and the soy wax never get hotter than 105 F (which is similar to a warmed bath or hot shower). Unwrap and enjoy! Estimated Price: $26