OOAK Wedding Boquet Natural Object Oval Resin Pendants

Image Description
These are 8 unfinished charms from a set of 10 custom-made, natural object jewelry pendants. The cabochons in the photo are about 1 inch long and have dried flowers (lavender, rose petals, baby's breadth, and more) from a wedding bouquet embedded inside. Necklaces can be any length and any color with a matching clasp (I recommend lobster). I have several other shapes, to include squares, diamonds, circles, rectangles, hearts and more; so custom orders are not limited to an oval shape. Estimated price: $16 each for 16" necklace in sterling silver plated chain. A set of 10 it would be $120 (a saving of $40, or $4/necklace). Future custom orders may vary depending on charm shape/size, style of necklace, and metal findings used to create the charm (currently I have sterling silver, gold, steel, gunmetal, and bronze/dark copper; I also have several fun colors of chain, message for details). I would be happy to make more custom necklaces similar to these, and would be thrilled for new brides to send me their wedding flowers to cast in various shapes to make necklaces out of!