Knit Cotton Dish Cloths, 3 Cornflower Blue

Image Description
You will be receiving the item in the first picture consisting of 3 dishcloths in the following colors: Cornflower Blue. These are the coolest 100% cotton dishcloths. These dishcloths would fit in perfectly with any country, shabby or cottage chic decor.

Each dishcloth is a round, measuring approximately 9 inches across. The knitted texture also provides the perfect texture for scrubbing your dishes. I personally have a drawer full and love them. You can also choose to use these as facecloths too!

Whatever you do don't let hubby discover them or he will be washing the cars with them! Trust me, I know!

These will arrive as you see them, bundled into "roses" in a three (3) pack, tied with a thread. You will receive the item first pictured and described. The last picture of the "rose" basket is how I present them at shows or simply on my counter top around the holidays as I give them out. These also make great hostess gifts or for quick gifts!

RECOMMENDED WASH: Wash as normal. There will be some shrinkage as these are 100% cotton, but it pulls the item together for even better texture for your cleaning.

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Approximate Price/Value: $12