Knit Cotton Round Dishcloths, 3 pack, cotton

Image Description
You will be receiving the item in the first picture consisting of 3 dishcloths in the following colors: Cornflower Blue, Yellow and Multi Colors. These are the coolest 100% cotton dishcloths. These dishcloths would fit in perfectly with any shabby, country or cottage chic decor. Each dishcloth is a round, measuring approximately 9 inches across. The knitted texture also provides the perfect texture for scrubbing your dishes. I personally have a drawer full and love them. You can also choose to use these as facecloths too! These will arrive as you see them, bundled into "roses" in a three (3) pack, tied with a thread. The last picture of the "rose" basket is how I present them at shows or simply on my counter top around the holidays as I give them out. These also make great hostess gifts or for quick gifts! RECOMMENDED WASH: Wash as normal. There will be some shrinkage as these are 100% cotton, but it pulls the item together for even better texture for your cleaning. Please be sure to check out my Boutique for matching other handmade boutique items. Thanks for looking! :-)
Approximate Price/Value: $14