Purple fleece with white skull and crossbones chullo hat with ear flap

Image Description
This is a fleece chullo hat using fabric with skull and cross bones in screamin' purple and white. This hat is suggested for heads 22 to 24 inches around. A little bit smaller head will fit in this though. It depends on how big your hair is underneath I suppose.
Dimensions: (approx)
pigtails:8 inches
top tail: 4.75 inches
colors:purple, white; lining purple

This is a fun hat to wear. It is made from anti-pill fleece so it should stay looking great through many many many washes. Yes, it is washable--I suggest cold to warm water, right in there with your other skull stuff.
Machine dry it in a warm dryer not a hot one, and remove it promptly. This hat is meant to sit rather high on the head leaving insulating airspace above the top of your head.

All the fabric in my house is washed and dried as soon as I get it. I use an unscented detergent, unscented fabric softener and I dry everything in a low heat dryer. I like to get all the dust off of fabric before I sew it, plus I like to see how it is going to behave with normal cleaning. I hate to sew something and then wash it only to have it shrink or become misshapen after all my work.