spicey natural simmering potpourri

Image Description
Oh the heavenly smell of cookies baking--or is that mulled cider I smell? Maybe cinnamon rolls?
This potpourri is made for simmering. It has no essential oils or fragrances or colors of any kind added. It is just the 6 spices pictured--cinnamon bark, whole cloves, whole allspice, semi-whole star anise(it beaks apart easily), dried orange peel and hand-crushed nutmegs. The nutmegs were whole until I crushed them with my handy-dandy kitchen shear/nut cracker tool.
This is about 1 cup(volume) (aprox 3 to 3.5 ozs in weight or 85 to 95 grams) of potpourri, exclusive of decorations, packaged in a plastic bag tied with ribbon. Every bag has a whole cinnamon stick and instructions for use tied to it.
This scrumptious potpourri is meant to be used in a simmering potpourri pot which is described below in method 1. If you dont have one, you can use methods 2 through 4. The cup warmer can be purchased online for as low as 5$ or in a kitchen gadget shop or a dollar store.
Just 1/4 of a cup of this yummy blend will scent an entire floor of your home for days--we dont know how many yet because we are still testing it at Michaels house(6 days so far, 3 days on and 3 days in the cup but turned off) and it is still fragrant--the same 1/4 cup just adding water as it evaporates.

Method 1: Add 1/4 cup(or less) of the blend to a ceramic mug. Place the mug on a coffee-cup warmer. Add 10-12 fl. oz. of water to the mug. Turn on the cup warmer. As the water warms you will smell a delicious fragrance wafting through your home. The cup warmer should be turned off when no one is home. Replace the water that has evaporated once a day or more if needed. When you are tired of your home smelling like you are a master baker, or the fragrance runs out, empty the water and the potpourri and start over.
Method 2:Add 1/2 cup of the blend to an old pot. (I suggest an old pot because the taste will get into the metal and you will have clove or nutmeg-flavored mashed potatoes later on!) Add 2 cups of water. Heat pot until it almost boils--you will be able to smell the spices as soon as the pot begins to simmer. Turn the pot off and leave it on the stove. The fragrance will find its way around your home. As the fragrance dies down turn the pot back on and bring to an almost-boil again, then turn off the heat. You can do this many many many times.
Method 3:Pour the entire bag of spices in a decorative bowl and place near a heat vent or radiator. As the heat warms up the potpourri it will release the fragrance. This method requires no water and will release fragrance more slowly, thus last longer.
Method 4a:For dog owners.Place the entire contents of the bag in a decorative bowl. Place that bowl near your dog. Scratch the dogs ears or neck until said dogs tail wags causing the fragrance to waft around the room. Rest, repeat.
Method 4b: for cat owners:Try one of the other methods because cats dont wag their tails, dont like cloves, and prefer a house that smells like sardines.

Since these are whole spices the scent will last a really long time. I have a spice blend like this in my bedroom that I have not simmered--its fragrance is mild and very pleasant and has been drifting through the air for months which explains why I keep baking and baking and baking...

As wonderful as these spices smell, they are not for consumption. Even though I have added no fragrance and the wholesaler added no fragrance, the spices were sold as potpourri ingredients. That means they were not processed in a manner suitable for food use. The bits are mostly small and present a choking hazard to children so keep out of their reach. These spices have such an appetizing aroma children(of all ages) may be tempted to try to eat them. You may experience sudden urges to bake cookies, cakes, pies,or bread puddings. I am not responsible for any weight gain as a result of eating the pies,cakes,or cookies you bake. Bread pudding has NO calories though, as long as you eat it standing up or in the kitchen. You may experience sudden happy thoughts that last longer than normal. In the event that you stay happy for longer than 4 hours, bake a bread pudding and spend a few minutes making a list of things you are grateful for while you eat the bread pudding in the kitchen.
Approximate Price/Value: $4