1920s Swarovski pagoda potatochip shaped beads rare 12mm

Image Description
This is a wonderful sparkling blue-green-purple bead. I dont think I was able to actually capture the sparkle in these beads. They are from the 1920s. Just plain beautiful!
After a bit more research at the urging of a wonderful customer and fellow Artfire studio owner (sleepycatdesigns) I have found that these beads are indeed very rare. What I found on them looks like these are called Bermuda Blue. I measured them and they look to be 12mm by 14mm which is a very unusual size. Most are much smaller(6 or 8 mm) They are "left oriented" which means the hole is on the top side of the bead instead of the bottom side.
Some of the history I read says that these were very expensive crystals to make which is why Swarovski stopped making them. They were intended to be sewn on fabric, and by alternating left and right oriented beads they would overlap.
HOLY COW! I had no idea these did more than just sparkle and call my name when I bought them!
I am taking new pictures today which I expect will be on here today also. This is where I will find out if my short and sweet photo lessons paid off!
As you can see these beads are being guarded by my cat Cowgirl. She is like a dragon with her hoard sometimes!
Approximate Price/Value: $4