Lazy Susan - All Natural Wood - 36 inch Server

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Lazy Susan - All Natural Wood - 36" Server Our attractive Lazy Susan All Natural Wood Susan revolves to give everyone at the table easy access to condiments, salt and pepper, and more. Great for holding a wine bottles, wine glasses, and condiments at the same time. 36" in Diameter (across) 1 /14" thick and a Anodized Ball Bearing attached is to a 24" x 24" Wood Turntable for support, stability, and smooth revolving. This Susan is uniquely handcrafted into a one piece oval, then sanded by hand, no two pieces we produce are exactly alike. This Lazy Susan's adds a gorgeously authentic touch to the natural woodworking tradition in the United States. The Susan is finished with a durable polyurethane treatment for lasting protection with a semi-gloss appearance as you can see in the before and after pictures. You can also request that the treatment not be applied to the wood which will then look like the 1st image as above. It has a 24" x 24" Square Wood Turntable attached to the Susan and to an American made ball bearing made of anodized aluminum for durability and corrosion resistance. The 6" x 6" ball bearing mechanism turns on high quality, single-row of ball bearing with a load capacity of 400 pounds, and the 24" x 24" Wood Turntable offers stability and support. Together, a very smooth turning operation. Our unique ball bearing mechanism reduces rotational friction and supports heavy radial and axial loads. In other words, it is as smooth as silk and well balanced when rotating with a bunch of stuff on the Susan. 6" x 6" Ball Bearing Specs: * Square-frame ball-bearing mechanism * Durable, made from metal * Attached to a 24" x 24" Wood turntable for balance/support/stability * Easy 360-degree swivel motion * Zinc coating resists corrosion * Holds up to 400lb. * Protective pads added to each corner of the wood turntable before Shipment * Silicon Lubricant added to bearings prior to shipment Keep your Lazy Susan clean by simply washing it with hot soapy water after each use and dry it with a clean paper towel or let it air dry. Do not use a dishwasher to clean your Susan. Do not soak or submerge it in water for this will disrupt the moisture content and cause the rails to split. Your Lazy Susan is shipped with a coat of high-quality Polyurethane conditioner which protects and prolongs the life of your Susan for years to come. Handmade in the Good Ole USA, in North Wales, PA "If we don't make it, we don't sell it
Approximate Price/Value: $174.95