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HI My Name is Maria I am Reiki Master , I am Minister of the universal light. Professional Psychic and therapist. have 20 years of experience helping people all over the world and in person... Why do some people always seem to be happy in love where as many others attract negative love life experience one after another? Is it just acoincidence? From the perspective of reincarnation and karma, there is no such thing as a coincidence; everything happens for a reason. We experience heartbreak or heart bliss because of our love karma. Live a happier love lifewithout expensive therapy, stress, or more heartache with the help of the MIRACLES OF KARMIC HEALING Karma is a Sanskrit word that means"action." Karma has commonly been considered a punishment for past bad actions, but karma is neither judge nor jury. Rather, it is simply the universal law of cause and effect that says every thought, word and act carries energy into the world and affects our present reality. Karma can also refer to the "work" we have ahead of us, which includes lessons from both ourpast and present lives Do you find that your life is more difficult than normal? Your life manager (your subconscious mind) may be protecting you or blocking you because of a past life situation. Do you feel like your actual life could be stuck in a past life? Do you feel like you have connections in this life that have past life karma? Do you feel that no matter what you do you make no progress? Do you have repeating patterns that you cannot break? You are paying for a complete session under your name of powerful distant Reiki healing , to cut past life etheric cords , I will work in you with my angels . Please be only relax during the session. .I need your name , date of birth and your picture,also the name date of birth and picture of the person involve.If is the case if not I will find out . With this session you will feel the difference and remove bad habits,remove all the negativity , all the feeling of desesperation and depression draining you...and making you unhappy...and your relationships and communication with others will change and being more positive. SPECIAL NOTE: What are Etheric Cords? The close relationships that you have can often create an energetic connection between you and the other person, whether it be a sibling, parent, ex-spouse or lover, child, close friend or work colleague, or even your current spouse or partner. These attachments are known as etheric cords and they are energy links, a bit like tubes, that can form between the two of you. These tubes extend from chakra to chakra, depending on the type of attachment formed. Energy moves along these tubes between both people, sometimes draining from one toward the other and vice versa. And you can have many of these cords attached to you at the one time. Unfortunately, this means that others can access your energy field (unconsciously, of course) which is not good news for you. As a result, if the other person is having a bit of a difficult time, they can draw upon your energy supply for their own needs, leaving you feeling tired and drained. But the good news is you can release these cords. Please be assured that cutting these cords in no way diminishes your relationships with others. Your emotional and intuitive connection will still be the same; it just releases the dysfunctional energy drain that can be a part of close relationships. If you like, you can set the intention first of only cutting those cords that prevent you from experiencing your greatest joy, happiness and vitality Important Statement I can not be against the free will of the person involve, I will work with my angels and guides to ask permission to the guides of people involve. Reiki is universal life-force energy,It is directed by the universal intelligence and know where and what to heal. Reiki is Divine Love, the healing energy guided by Divine intelligence. Reiki never causes harm and always works for the highest good. Reiki can help: o Stress Relief and Relaxation o Relief of Pain and Promotes Healing o Increasing Physical Energy o Enhancing Immune Function o Spiritual Growth & Personal Empowerment o Experiencing Inner Peace o Enhancing Meditation & Intuition o Clearing & Energizing Your Home the healing energy guided by Divine intelligence. * Change your bad patterns , habits and negative thoughts History of Reiki Usui Mikao was born in Japan the 15th of August 1865. The name Reiki comes from Usui Sensei, who used this ancient form of healing in his clinic, Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, outside Tokyo. The clinic was opened in the beginning of 1900's and it still exists today, a century later. During the Meiji period a large number of hand healing techniques were taught in Japan but most of these groups disappeared after World War II. One of the more important groups called Taireidou, was lead by Morihei Tanaka, who was said to have been Usui Sensei's teacher. What exactly Usui Sensei learned from Mr. Tanaka is not known. Mrs. Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to the west. She received her initial Reiki training in Japan, up to level two, Oku-Den, and received her Reiki Master from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi when he visited Hawaii in 1938. In an effort to make Reiki acceptable in the west the practitioners presented Usui Sensei as a physician or a Christian monk, but later information has verified that he was a traditional Japanese businessman, loyal to his Emperor. Usui Sensei also worked with programmed crystals, breathing exercises, scanning and other eastern healing methods in his clinic. However these methods where left out when Reiki was brought to the west. Usui Reiki Principles -- Just for today do not worry -- Just for today do not anger -- Honor your parents, teachers and elders -- Earn your living honestly -- Show gratitude to everything-- Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings My Affirmations -- Just for today I will not worry -- Just for today I will not be angry -- Just for today I will do my work honestly -- Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing -- We shall count our blessings and honor our fathers and mothers, our teachers and neighbors and honor our food -- Make an honest living -- Be kind to everything that has life The Reiki symbols cannot cause harm or be used with harmful intentions. Many people therefore question the need for secrecy and the symbols are now widely published in books and on the Internet. However Reiki symbols can be only use with love ,honesty,and for experience Masters. The Three Reiki 2 Symbols CHO KU REI - The Power Symbol or the light switch, Put all the power of universe here. Directs energy to the physical body. SEI HE KI - The Mental Symbol is used for purification, cleansing and protection. Directs energy to the emotional body or subconscious mind. HON SHA ZE SHO NEN - The Distance Symbol is used to send Reiki to the past, present or future. Healing karma. Directs energy to the mental body or conscious mind. The Three Reiki 3 or Masters Symbols DAI KO MYO - is used both for attunement and healing and it works on the spiritual body level, healing the soul. DUMO - is a Tibetan Master Symbol representing the fiery heat of the kundalini. FIRE SERPENT - is often used when passing attunements.
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