Honey Bath shower Gel

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Honey and skin care is a beautiful combination! God has given us lots of natural resources to benefit us. Every resource can be used for many purposes. Honey is one of them.

Honey is not only good for our body if it is consumed as a food but it is very beneficial if you use it as a skin care product. Honey not only works for caring for everyday skin conditions, it is also used as a treatment for various skin problems.

Due to its qualities honey is widely used in different skin care products. It is used as a skin care product since centuries. Cleopatra used honey and milk for her bath to keep her looking youthful.

Honey is used in skin care as a
moisturizer and anti-irritant.

Not only that, honey is known as natural humectant which means it has an ability to attract moisture and hold it.

Another great quality of honey is that it has an amazing shelf life. That means you can preserve it for longer periods of time then any other product.

It's humectant quality makes it good for those people who have oily skin. It keeps your skin moist without oiliness

so enjoy your Honey Bath Gel. super creamy and high lathering!
(No scent added)
8 oz
Approximate Price/Value: $7.98