Cameo Stud Earrings Carnelian Lady Gold Starburst Frame Settings 12x10

Image Description
Cameo stud earrings, vintage carnelian lady cameos in vintage gold plated diamond cut starburst frame settings 12x10mm, handmade. These dainty and beautiful handmade vintage cameo earrings are made of small left facing carnelian Victorian lady cameos set in vintage gold plated die struck diamond cut starburst style frame earring settings with soldered on ear posts and stainless steel ear nuts. Earrings measure 12x10mm oval. Cameos are vintage unused stock made of molded resin depicting a cream Victorian lady (ponytail girl) on carnelian background. The earring settings are vintage professional quality shiny gold plated die struck metal with a diamond cut starburst style frame all around the cameos. These earring settings are very strong and sturdy of about 2mm thick with smooth shiny gold back and soldered on ear posts, paired with new gold plated stainless steel ear nuts. 12x10mm makes the right size for perfect earrings. The starburst pattern makes the earrings sparkle in the light. **Die struck is the process of jewelry making by pressing gold or silver into a die or between dies to form the metal piece into shape. Die struck process is common in vintage jewelry and is best known for it's high quality and durability. You will love the quality of these cameo earrings. Earrings arrive in lovely pink polka dot gift box tied with gold stretch loop.