Buck Dich Rammstein gloves with pyramid stud knuckles ready to ship

Image Description
These fan art gloves pay homage to the song Buck Dich, from Rammstein's second studio album, Sehnsucht.
At long last this song (and more importantly, the live performace that goes with it) resurfaced on Made In Germany and I got the chance to see it in person! That's one tick on the bucket list!

These gloves are black with white Buck Dich on one hand and R+ logo on the other, featuring a strap across the knuckles with steel pyramid studs.

These gloves are not only awesome looking, but useful, as you can still craft, paint, draw, type, text, play games... and just slide them down to your wrists when you want to eat or do anything else messy.

The cuffs are ribbed and not so long that they get in the way of long sleeves or jewelry

This listing is for an average grownup size.
If youd like a smaller or larger size, contact me!
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Acrylic yarn
Approximate Price/Value: $22