Welcome to AldesakaHandmade

Dream of a young boy came true when ALDESAKS (Adwaita) was Founded in 2014. It was First seed towards the beginning of a company which fulfills the dreams of many people. It was started with a motto to the uplift condition of poor people and fulfill the needs who required product made with the traditional method.After spending the whole life in watching people working with his hand and traditional method Alok was eager to learn how the outside world grew rapidly than people who work with their hand.They were ignored by the majority of people and was at the stage of extinction and it was hard for many people to earn money for their daily needs who are a real artist so Adwaita was started.After completed his Tool and Die Diploma Alok was looking for a work which can give him money for daily needs and he was also thinking about poor people.Firstly he thinking to start working in local companies and donate money to people but it was very hard to save money So he started an N.G.O and discuss with a local artist about starting a company and sell their product to people from a different location.He took loan from bank and start a company and made a team with different artists who were working in different field and were very passionate about their work Firstly product were in sale in local market but didn't get response as expected but when they heard about global selling of product they were in worry and great confusion about shipping a product and about response but surprisingly they got a blow after they came to know that there was huge demand of handmade product in world today they are team of Five people and currently employing many people directly and indirectly and they are also promoting handmade product in their locality and always trying to uplift condition of poor people by giving works to them and 25% of their total earning goes for charity. All our products are Handmade More »