This shop is currently on vacation

I'm taking an organizing break. Be back soon. I am opening my shop... it's been a long "short" vacation. I have so many pretty things to list in here.... when will I have enough time for it all! You all know the time it takes to run a shop... so, I'm back at it... and look forward to showing you what my ideas are and what I've done so far. I've made handbags for 20 years and have retired from doing that, except for a now and then purse. The kind I made were solid and not without breaking a ,machine needle. So I am into paper full time. I've done it for a while.. just had not given up my fabric and sewing till now. I don't do just paper... I decorate it and love it! I bought a Cricket around Christmas time when they were on sale... and have yet to use it.. just no time to read the instructions. I do better seeing a picture and working it out. But I look forward to getting my hands in the Cricket machine and seeing what all it does. I have a Cameo and have used it for a few years... they keep coming out with new toys for us crafters! So keep checking in and I will be back with more items in a day or so and much more to come! ElizabethCreations Thanks you!