Welcome to Inmmotion

My life and success are In Motion. It was two years ago. I was working as a manager in one of the biggest insurance companies in our country and I was a good manager. My group of nearly 50 insurance agents had not bad selling results. But that was not my dream. I didn't have much time to spent with my family, with my son and daughter. So it was the time to make a decision once and forever. I started to create my jewelry ideas on the paper, then I tried to carve my first model. It was not like what I was waiting to be, but I tried again and again. And after 2 weeks I made my first model. I started on Etsy with only one model and after 2-3 months I increase the quantity and quality of my jewelry. And now I have my own business in Etsy. I have a free daytime graphic. But nobody can success alone. As soon as my business has grown and the assortment has increased I involved in my team more people. So my father in law Asatour who is one of the members of my company is helping me in this activity. He is doing the finishing of the production. I would like you to believe in yourself and your dream. Act somehow to reach your dream and everything will become true. More »