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Welcome to KraftyKitty

The shop is currently under construction. Items posted are still for sale, but LOTS of changes are coming over the rest of the year! You can keep up with new items by following Krafty Kitty Productions on Facebook and Instagram. I have TONS of pieces that I've made, but haven't gotten posted to the shop yet. You can order directly from me through both sites by posting on the photo of the item or messaging me directly. Since 2009 I've been operating my business by the seat of my pants. My degree is in psychology, NOT business. What started out as a way for me to sell off any ol' pieces I felt like making turned into something SO much more! Although I've been crocheting, sewing, and knitting for over 30 years I didn't really know what I liked to make or what direction I wanted to go concerning my business. After 9 years I have finally realized that my heart lies with creating beach and Boho items including wedding pieces. I have also discovered that when it comes to making knit pieces it's just not cost effective for me to do so at this time, but I will be offering knit pieces in the future that will be very exclusive and special! Thank you to everyone who has ever ordered from me! You've not only supported my "habit",but you've provided me with learning experiences and the ability to afford continuing education to learn how to make my business better and more sustainable. I'm looking forward to working with you all again when I come back bigger and better than ever! ~L More »