Welcome to MTcoffinz

Hi! I'm Jinx, the extremely shy, socially awkward, purple haired, workaholic, insomniac, coffee fueled robot that is MTCoffinz. Yes it's the same Jinx and company from MTCoffinz Alternative Clothing but you will find mostly Cosplay clothing here! After getting tons of requests for my embroidery to be made into patches I decided to open this studio for just that! All of the patches here can be both sewn and ironed on, they're safe for the washer and dryer and they won't fade as long as you don't bleach them! All photos shown are the actual product and never a stock image! That way you know that you're getting top quality work and not playing a guessing game. I use all Baby Lock professional machines and high quality threads to ensure the best possible stitch. Custom colors and bulk orders are no problem,just ask first and we're happy to help! More »