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Welcome to RefinedRubbish

To sum me up.. I'm the person on the ground petting your dog giggling and truly enjoying it, the person at the grocery store that compliments your outfit or helps you find something and the Look at the Sky it's BEAUTIFUL person. I'm typically covered in paint or glue or both humming and singing to what's playing and I may have my feet on my dog while I make whatever idea I have rolling around come to life. I'm an introvert that loves real conversation, my face hurts from smiling at art museums, reading is my jam, music is life and for the last 17 years I've been a mom and my kid is my favorite human ever. Why do I do this? I love what I do! I believe there's power in the right accessory and that having the perfect combination can make your day completely better. I love making plugs because the options are limited a lot of times and everyone deserves to have something beautiful, fun and perfect for them. Having the opportunity to do what I enjoy and bring smiles to faces with it is the best feeling. I want you to smile and feel beautiful. I’ve been asked several times why I would name my creations Rubbish, it always makes me giggle a little bit because they take it as I am cutting my handy work and that’s not the case! I grew up very poor, my mother made a lot of our clothes or they were hand-me-downs, she also made crafts. She was business partners with my Aunt and I can remember her stuffed animals, pillows, cross-stitch, pillow cases, curtains, etc… you name it she made it! Alice was my introduction to thinking creative, she taught me the magic in making something come to life when it looked like it was useless and the ability to appreciate buying something brand new! Anyway… my mother called her crafts “rubbish” and would say it in this glorious English accent and giggle (hypnotizing)!! When I was nineteen she passed away and years later I decided that if I was going to run a shop then I was going to integrate her into the details, she is after all the reason I am here! So I call my shop Refined Rubbish in honor of the woman who touched my life and gave me wings. More »