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Welcome to SandyToesJewelry

I like clean lines, so I tend to use wire to create my unique designs. My favorite metal to use is sterling silver, but I also use gold-filled and 14k wire, for those who prefer a yellow metal. I have recently gone back to using brass and copper in my designs, just to add a new dimension to my work. Besides, brass does some pretty cool things when it's heated! I like to accent my designs with a little bit of color, so I use either natural stone beads or cabochons to achieve the look I'm going for. I also use the metals themselves as accents. Sterling silver and brass both get a different look when they're heated, so I use this "change" to the design's advantage. Sterling silver gets frosty, because the fine silver comes to the surface when it's heated. Copper comes to the surface when brass is heated, which can give it a totally different look. I hope you enjoy my designs! Please go to to my website for more information: More »