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Welcome to SensoryHomunculus

A Sensory Homunculus is a physical representation of how your body would look if the size of various body parts grew in proportion to the cortical area given over to their specific sensory function. In literal terms, Homunculus means 'little man'. Initially conceived by the pioneering neurosurgeon Dr. Wilder Penfield, he described his Homunculi as 'grotesque creatures' which illustrate the highly suggestive concept of the 'body within the brain' or the 'cortex man'. Our Homunculi are museum quality hand crafted figures by Sharon Price-James B.A (Hons), these make the perfect gift for anyone who has an interest in human psychology. Importantly, our Sensory Homunculus is not just a great piece of art, but also truly reflective of the precise neurological ratios discovered by Dr. Penfield. It for this reason that 'The Original Homunculus Company' are the only people licensed to sell the original Homunculus figures. More »