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Welcome to SimpliDaily

Hello, it's Khuyen again :) I founded SimpliDaily as a branch from my clothing brand, OurSimpliStory (you all can check it out). The reason I have this brand is just wanting to contribute to provide a healthy, joyful lifestyle through my products. Although I currently sell face masks right now but I would love to offer more diverse products that you all can use at home like apron, table cloths, handkerchief, which are all made from my favorite materials, cotton and linen. I feel like these natural, organic fabric can give you an ease and comfort to use without causing too much damages and pollution to our environment. I hope my story is not really boring to read and if you already get here, thank you for taking effort to learn more about SimpliDaily. Please enjoy shopping and feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions :) Sincerely, Khuyen More »