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Welcome to Svetikas

My work is an expression of gratitude for the beauty that surrounds me in this life. My work is about colors that make me feel good , images that make me smile It enchants me . I like felting , painting on the silk and making upcycled garments. It is pity I do not have enough time for all of t hese things because I still work. But I am satisfied with the result of my work and I will go on studying of variety technique of wet felting. Working with wool is a great pleasure you can feel, because you never know what result you get at the end. Playing with colors- what can be better? I am not into making traditional shapes of scarves/actually I do not like making items in classical style . I prefer short or middle sizes, unusual shapes of scarves that you can wear and catch somebody's eye .At this moment I am taking up a new activity - sewing. It is very interesting. I have got lots of plan - to combine sewing with felting and painting- let's see........ More »