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Welcome to UnderATreePrints

I want to welcome everyone stopping by our Artfire page. My name is Randy and for the most part I am the face, voice and person on the other end of everything at UnderATreePrints.com . Under A Tree Prints is a greeting card company out of Hendersonville TN. We are just starting off but we hope to do great things. The artists who create all of our pictures happen to be two of my favorite people, my mother and brother. My mom, Linda M Siitam, has been drawing all my life and has shared her works across the globe. My brother, TS, is really into making art on his computer. As a long time blogger he has been able to feature many of his pieces. As for myself, well, I would never be asked to draw anything, great with a guitar but bad with a pen. We hope you enjoy the works we sell and hope you will share them with others as well. More »