Welcome to WoodRatherBe

Welcome to WoodRatherBe, where my siblings and I design fun and creative wooden bundles of joy that will blow your tiny-- I mean smart--mind! Thank you all for visiting my shop. I hope you have a great visit! My brother and I make all the items seen before your eyes in our garage. Our sister judges our work and deems it worthy or not. Together we love making objects that are truly unique and challenging. All items are made using premium woods and other materials, making them perfect for gifting or keeping yourself for many years to come. Processing days are Monday - Friday Processing time is usually 1-2 days but may take longer, I will contact you if this is the case. All items come with free priority mail shipping ( 1-3 days) with USPS If you have any questions, thoughts or concerns feel free to let me know, I will be happy to answer them as soon as I can. Thank you again for shopping with WoodRatherBe, where normalcy is forbidden. More »